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Page 2: Archived Essays

The Perfect Storm

Reaching for the Moon

Should Christians Tithe?

Loving God - and Our Neighbors

Whose Traditions?

The Future of the Church

TV Or Not TV?

Homeland Insecurity


A Marriage Made In Hell


We Will Live To Regret It


I'd Like My Republic Back, Please


Trust Bush on Iran?


Our Slumbering Churches


How Bush Survives


Alive and Well


Please Don't Call Me an Evangelical! 


The Great Compromise


Reestablishing a Christian Culture


Election 2004: A Retrospective


Where the Right Went Wrong


Bush on Sodomy: Getting It Straight


The Folly of Modern Science


No More Excuses!

Adventures in Abyssinia

On Voting for Michael Peroutka

A Pox On Both Their Houses!


Pro-War Hypocrisy


Of RINOs, DINOs, and CINOs


George Bush on Sodomy


Faith & Politics


America's Crisis of Fidelity


Confessions of a Limping Theologian


The Great Evangelical Heresy


Two Sides of the Same Coin


If Kerry Was President


Is the Church Radical Enough?


Got Lettuce?


The Intolerance Hall of Fame


A Daily Habit?


Judging Riders - and Politicians


Be a One-Issue Voter!


The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved


No Tactics of Accommodation


Why You Should Vote for Peroutka


The God of Hope


Smart or Sassy?


To Whom Shall We Sacrifice?


Evangelical Tolerationism


A Place at the Table


Outside the Camp


Republican Platform Ignores God


Needed: Pastor-Theologians


A Government Agency That Works


Our Nation's Watchmen


The Politics of Guilt


Remembering September 11


Why Bush Frightens Me


Our National Mythology


My Horse, My Friend


More Scare Tactics?


Miller Time


This Is Conservatism?


Whose World Is It?


Quo Vadis, Pat?


Goldwater's Heirs?


The Next Church Schism


Nothing But A Heresy


Our Jealous God


Abortion and the Judicial Imperium


The Most Important Thing

Sobran or Peroutka?
Bob Strodtbeck decides to go with the Constitution Party.
Ron Paul is right
As usual.
What can we do?
Let's start by praying for the nation.
He's Lord of the voting booth
Or not Lord at all.
If at first you don't secede
Try, try again.
Christ or Caesar?
The choice is ours, says Dave Black.
Where the right went wrong
Darrell Dow reviews Pat Buchanan's latest book.
Merely inconsistent?
Or spiritually dead?
There was no surrender at Appomattox
Only the death of a republic.
The banality of the American electorate
Not to mention its arrogance and ignorance.
Incurable infracaninophiles
Dave Black isn't the only one, either.
The biggest busybody
The federal government, who else?
How America "helps" Israel
Sometimes the medicine is worse than the cure.
"Swift Vote Veterans for Bush"
Join today and avoid the issues.
Our "education" president
He could learn a few things about the Constitution.
Sound bites and media handlers
Dave Black on the Limbaughing of America.
Politics is the art of the possible
Really? How about the "art of the ought"?
Bush to America: "I don't need to explain"
Oh yes you do.
Mighty propaganda choir
That "objective" coverage of election 2004.
Our imperialistic highway
Darrel Dow is looking for an off-ramp.
Thumbing one's nose at God
A Christian perspective on homosexuality. Article by John Leone.
Can the right be anti-war?
Pieter Friedrich thinks so.
Church for the entire family
A radical, but biblical, idea.
Talk radio buffoons
We have become Hannitized, says Bob Strodtbeck.
Culture of death
America is modern-day Rome, maybe worse.
Faith based folly
Christians don't need federal welfare, says Michael Peroutka.
My father's daughter
When a girl becomes a young lady.
Ron Reagan's stem cell utopia
Bob Strodtbeck on yet another euphoric promise of government.
The real terror
It's the Patriot Act, says Vince Page.
Bush and abortion
Darrell Dow on our "pro-life" president.
Surprise me, Dr. Dobson!
And vote for the Peroutka-Baldwin ticket.
Those predictable Republicans
Votes for Republicans are wasted.
To homeschool or not to homeschool?
Why John Notgrass plans to train his children at home.
Why I stopped listening to Rush
John Leone reviews Dave's latest book.
Immigration as class warfare
As well as unbridled insanity.
Women in combat
A theological heresy?
Give to the GOP?
Sure, if you want Big Brother to get even bigger.
The real problem with the Federal Marriage Amendment
It increases the power of government.
The battered wife syndrome of the religious right
John Leone on the sad tide of political complacency.
Don't add amendments
Repeal them, says Darrell Dow.
Southern traditions
Bonnie Blue Ball, anyone?
Pied Piper Republicans
Karl Hofmann has had enough of Republican group think.
Christianity hijacked
John Leone on his spiritual pilgrimage.
Chuck Baldwin
Read his VP acceptance speech.
What's wrong with the pro-life movement
It ignores the legal limits imposed on federal authorities by the Constitution.
Christians and government
How allegiance to a false god is destroying America.
Is America becoming fascist?
Matthew Gamel thinks so.
On rhetoric and hubris
Bush is no Churchill, says Bob Strodtbeck.
Three questions about abortion
Defeating liberalism's slippery arguments.
Look who's intolerant!
Pieter Friedrich has a new "hall of fame."
'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves...
The New Right's jabberwocky.
Talk radio follies
Bob Strodtbeck on our "conservative" blabbermouths.
That irrelevant Constitution
It just keeps getting in the way of freedom!
America's warped view of tragedy
John Leone on the nation's true holocaust.
Our bleeding country
And the men who would lift it up.
GOP 2012
The infinite tent party.
Not everyone has surrendered
Not yet at least.
A pox on both their houses!
And on any other corrupt, perverted, dysfunctional political organization.
Diagnosis of a Kulturkampf
The role of government schools in a godless society.
A letter to family and friends
Why you should vote for Michael Peroutka.
The Constitution Party
The real alternative.
No king but King Jesus!
Evidences of Christian faith in American history.
The screen of the Scriptures
Thoughts on removing our children from public school.
No mistakes by Bush?
Dave Black may have found some.
The great omission in the Great Commission
Where are the pastor-teachers?
Pro-war hypocrisy
Lee Shelton on blind support for war, when your party is in control.
No more excuses!
Why you should vote for Peroutka over Bush.
Time for a new American revolution?
Dave Black thinks so.
The trinity strategy
Lapping Nader while tripping Bush. Essay by Mark Dankof.
Chicken love
With breeder houses, it's almost a thing of the past.
The truth about terrorism
What the president didn't say in his speech.
It's time for regime change
And not just in Iraq, says Dave Black.
States' rights
Jeff Adams on the significance of the 17th Amendment.
On to Valley Forge!
The second American revolution is about to begin.
Keeping things in perspective
Iraq pales with the American holocaust, says Lee Shelton.
Since we're giving sovereignty to Iraqis
How about a little for Americans?
The law of the land
Are we above it?
Do we deserve it?
Chad Harris on Hollywood's attack on Christians.
Mother's Day reflections
What moms really want on their special day.
Who is to blame for the prisoner abuse?
Our elected officials in Washington, of course.
If Kerry was president
He'd act just like George W. Bush, says John Notgrass.
The dynamic duo are coming to St. Louis
You can even meet them on March 18.
Republicans Anonymous
A 12-step program for recovering Republicans.
Public education
And why it should be de-funded.
The president has faith
But the Constitution still matters, says Dave Black.
Voting as a Christian
Jeff Adams on Decision 2004.
The great compromise
Bush v. Peroutka on abortion.
Lincoln's Party
Still no friend of the South. Article by Lee Shelton.
Chuck Baldwin
The right man for the job.
The federal marriage amendment
Cure-all or band-aid?
Conservative, conshmervative
Matthew Gamel has had enough of pseudo-conservatism.
Children, a distraction in worship?
Jesus didn't think so.
Bush on sodomy
The true record.
Keep on shining the light
Only truth can change lives, says Dave Black.
Michael Peroutka
The best alternative to Kerry/Bush. Article by Mark Dankof.
The revival of paganism
The Passion and Troy as medieval.
The problem of the church
It's ignorance coupled with disobedience, says Matthew Gamel.
Feeling a draft?
Dave Black is.
Time for a new Barmen Declaration?
Mark Dankof thinks so.
The America I love
She's still alive - just barely.
The Pledge is still a bad idea
With or without "under God."
American socialism?
Matthew Gamel thinks it exists.
It's time to testify, Condi
An open letter to Condoleezza Rice.
Need a Swedish lesson?
Mike Scruggs has one of grave importance.
Gay marriage
Only one political party gets it right.
Blessed are the bureaucrats?
One Christian's case against George Bush.
Europe crosses the Rubicon
Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.
Unalienable rights?
Dave Black on yet another intrusion into our liberties.
The Unpatriot Act
The battle has just begun, says Ron Paul.
"Glaring errors"
Samuele Bacchiocci reviews 'The Passion.'
Massed exodus?
Citizen-soldiers are fed up.
Bush's "faith-based" intelligence
Not since Vietnam have we seen such wishful thinking, says Dave Black.
Disarming Iraq
Read an excerpt from Blix's new book.
How much time is left?
Dennis Wheeler on our nation of slaves.
Remembering September 11
Dave Black celebrates an anniversary.
The federal marriage amendment
Matthew Gamel asks, What's the point?
Wives like Sarah
And the husbands who honor them.
She shall be called woman
Carolyn Mahaney on true beauty.
Packaged or planted?
Christians must recover their prophetic voice.
The Christian as citizen
Dave Black on being salt, light, and leaven.
Our 'all-caring' government
When the state redefines man. Article by James Schall.
Where's Luther when we need him?
Kelly McGinley on Gibson's 'Passion.'
An ordinary man who knew what was right
A review of 'Luther.'
The true patriot
Dave Black describes him.
Patriotism and nationalism
There's a (new) world (order) of difference between them.
The blessing of wiping out
A lesson from big waving riding.
Paul's thorn in the flesh
And ours.
Cracked pots
Why God prefers to use them.
In praise of 'Seabiscuit'
What my horses have taught me.
The real lesson of Christ's passion
Christ and nothing.
What hath Geneva to do with Nashville?
Plenty, says Tom Ascol.
Can you imagine such a nation?
Chuck Baldwin can.
Churches need a great awakening
And pastors must walk the point. Article by Richard Strand.
Solus Christus, sola scriptura
Dave Black calls for a Christian ethics of politics.
An invitation to pastors
Join the Black Regiment!
The state is not our Savior
Neither is any king, be he George III or George W.
Is the 'Neocon Christian Right' right?
Of course not, says Dave Black.
The 501c3 heresy
Not to worry. Peter Kershaw has the solution.
Got a hang-up with 'The Passion'?
So does Lee Justice.
The great evangelical heresy
Dave Black tries to explain.
The queer Christ
Benjamin Cole on liberalism, lesbianism, and theological education.
If Peterson is right, then our Bibles are wrong
A review of The Message.
Does truth matter?
Rick Warren's church growth strategy.
Choose today whom you will serve
The church must act, and must act now, says Dave Black.
Should you vote your convictions this year?
Jonathan Grubbs thinks so.
Dear President Peroutka
That sounds sooooo good to Pastor Steve Wilkins.
The new conscience of conservative America
The Constitution Party.
Nader and Peroutka
Throwing a counterpunch at the establishment. Mark Dankof interviews Michael Peroutka.
Weapons of mass delusion
Mitchell Flinchum says he knows where they are.
Terror is not an enemy
Though the Republicans think so. Article by Michael Peroutka.
Reaping the tragic harvest
William Shearer on the consequences of 9/11.
Do you want to restore the Republic?
This man can help.
Worth fighting for
Now here's a platform!
Why not the GOP?
Can we start with abortion?
Righteous anger
Doug Bandow on the conservative case against George W. Bush.
His face is set
Michael Peroutka's courageous announcement.
Post-Constitutional America
Joe Sobran shows how tyranny came to America.

The Ten Commandments and the Tenth Amendment
The rule of law is not the rule of judges, says Mike Scruggs.
Our corporate bribery system
Dave Black on the latest election brouhaha.
Taking the swagger out
We don't own culture; we serve it, says John Piper.
Feeding sheep or amusing goats?
Even C. H. Spurgeon saw what was wrong with seeker-sensitivity.
False and true.
Those unfit to rule
It's time to show them the door, says David Brownlow.
Whither America in 2004?
It depends on the faithful few.
When Christians oppose the state
Dave Black on the proper role of civil government.
The travails of a lonely resister
Lessons on statism from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Karl Barth and the German church conflict
When Christians say "No Compromise!"
Do we need a new Barmen Declaration?
Or a least a Confessing Church?
The Sound of Music and the Swastika
What a musical taught me.
A fusion of delusion
Paul Proctor on our misguided "patriotism."
Why I keep fighting for America
Being good stewards of our God-given liberties.
The definition of insanity
The lesser of two evils is still evil, says Mary Starrett.
Putting principle over politics
Chuck Baldwin on voting for a true conservative.
Before you vote for Bush
Check out his record.
Origen and the Pauline authorship of Hebrews
Dave Black on a famous mis-quotation.
Expiation or propitiation?
Simon Kistemaker on the theology of atonement in Hebrews.
The perseverance of the saints
Hebrews 6:4-6 and apostasy. From the classic commentary by Arthur W. Pink.
Hebrews 2:3-4 and the sign gifts
Dan Wallace tackles a difficult passage.
Offended by the Super Bowl half-time show?
Dave Black has the solution - well, maybe.
A scandal greater than Watergate
Eric Margolis on the Mother of All Lies.
Christian see - Christian do
Paul Proctor thinks we should be a little less purpose-driven.
Or Republicanism?
Philippians 1:1 and church leadership
Dave Black on what the text says and doesn't say.
Do elders rule?
A closer look at Hebrews 13:7.
There's only one Senior Pastor
And it's not us.
All are ministers
Alexander Hay on the priesthood of all believers.
Who are the elders, then and now?
John Piper on Baptist leadership.
Where the buck stops
The president could learn a lesson from General Lee.
John Leland
Baptist defender of liberty.
DC's gang of thugs
Michael Peirce has a word or two for them.
The best welfare reform?
Abolish it altogether.
What the NEA deserves
Not another penny.
George Edward Pickett
A biography.
The genesis of the Civil War
Lew Rockwell sets the record straight.
"He said, she said"
What really happened between Pickett and Lee after the war?
Southern educators
And the myths they perpetuate. Article by Dave Black.
"General, I have no division"
The fame of Pickett's charge.
Legalized theft
How government wastes our taxes on "freedom" and "compassion."
The way back
Walter Williams on the legitimate role of government.

A word to pastors
Dave Black invites you to join the Black Regiment.
Someone call the FDA!
Mad cow disease has invaded my church.
There is a time for war
But 2003 was not one.
Why Christians should not vote for Bush
Now this will get you thinking.
The New South and the frogs of Egypt
Robert Lewis Dabney on the (re)writing of history. Article by Mike Scruggs.
Gone, and forgotten
The life of Robert Lewis Dabney.
If we need a rallying point in 2004
Let it be the U.S. Constitution, says Dave Black.
Exactly which Constitution are you following?
The old one, or the new "secret" Constitution?
In Bush we trust?
Dave Black on the presidential race, and who he won't be voting for.
Another Republican disaster
The morning-after pill. 
Can Bush get reelected?
How and where the president is vulnerable.
The day "Thomas Jonathan" became "Stonewall"
He may have been the war's most remarkable soldier.
A lament on the death of Stonewall Jackson
His life epitomized a victory that was not to be.
Stonewall Jackson
Champion of black literacy.
Watching the State of the Union Address?
Dave Black has a revolutionary alternative.
Cold Mountain Balderdash
Mike Scruggs says we're being propagandized while entertained.
From "Granny Lee" to the greatest general ever
How God uses failure to shape His children.
General Lee's favorite books
A man who was saturated with biblical truth.
How tall was Robert E. Lee?
The answer may surprise you.
The birthday of Robert E. Lee
Why I celebrate it.
Judge Moore to be tried
Supreme Court refuses to hear 10 Commandments appeal.
Lincoln and Liberia
One truth about the 'Great Emancipator' that can't be whitewashed.
Flag draped cover-up
Why has Bush gone AWOL at funerals and memorials?
Think California's got fiscal problems?
Take a good look at Virginia.
U.S. TV set for 'Jesus wife' storm
My, what ABC is up to now. There's got to be a better way.
The James ossuary
Where matters stand.
Is this where Jesus bathed?
A 'sensational' discovery in Nazareth.
Lord of all, yet servant of all
Martin Luther's On the Freedom of a Christian Man. Happy Reformation Day!
The real threat to religious freedom
Dave Black on Christians in politics.
Flying coffin?
Episcopalians lay down the gauntlet.
No slack for Bush
A reader responds to one of my essays.
Wer bin ich?
Reflections on the life and death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Think Halloween is scary?
Wait till you read Patriot Act II.
Loving spiritual work
John Broadus on growing weary in well doing.
The painful truth
Government schools are a failure.
A word to sons
Jeff Culbreath on what marriage is all about.
A naked Moses?
Kelly Boggs says obscenity is in the eye of the beholder.
Young Germans embracing Islam
To Himmler's delight. Article by Srdja Trifkovic.
Biblical or not?
A closer look at invitations and altar calls. Article by Carey Hardy.
Abusing Scripture, abusing God
Dan Wallace on the evils of Scripture twisting.
That dirty word
Nancy Wilson discusses wives' submission.
Go Judge Brown!
Finally a judge Dave Black can support.
Bush is no shoe-in
John Derbyshire on the Republicans' third-party peril.
The draft
And a godly affection for our daughters.
Starvation stunts v. biblical fasting
Benjamin S. Cole on a forgotten spiritual discipline.
No, Virginia
America isn't a 'Christian nation.'
Close the gate!
Lewis Goldberg on the real solution to domestic terrorism.
A new or old song?
Paul Proctor on the willow-creeking of church music.
No more excuses
Dave Black says pastors must get serious about teaching their flocks.
A republic, not an empire, pal
Charley Reese opposes 'compulsory volunteerism.'
Southeastern Seminary gets copy of Vaticanus
One of only thirteen libraries to own one.
Taxation without representation
Phyllis Schlafly says Iraq should pay its own way.
Florida legislature passes bill
Fight for Terri's life continues.
The real math
Churches should forget about numbers and focus on God, says Joel Miller.
Legislating reverence for the flag
Pieter Friedrich on the Flag Protection Act of 1989.
Whose dark side?
John Holzmann on CBS's homeschooling series.
Forcing pagans to uphold Christian virtue
Dean May discusses the Federal Marriage Amendment.
Revival or apostasy?
Debbie O'Hara on the market-driven church.
War after weary war
Dave Black wonders how much longer Wilsonian interventionism can continue.
Hey pal, can I borrow your body armor?
David Hackworth on the Pentagon's criminal negligence.
Man's real need
Self-accusation, not self-esteem.
The tragic end and the institutions
J. Gresham Machen's classic response to modernism.
The challenge of the third millennium
J. I. Packer on the desperate need for biblical preaching.
The duty of a pastor
Read John Owen's September 8, 1682 sermon.
Confederates in the boardroom
Order Mike Tuggle's new book on the inefficiency of top-down bureaucracies.
To observe or not to observe?
The dark side of Halloween.
= RIP for the Bush doctrine, says Dave Black.
The open theism debate
An interview with Ronald Nash.
Death by starvation in Florida
Dave Black calls upon all Christians to speak out.
Homeland in-security
Just when you thought it was safe....
How dare you!
Justice Department critical of Patriot Act critics.
'Un-socialized' homeschoolers?
Hardly, says Dennis Campbell.
Is Jesus God or a god?
Debate in Tampa to discuss deity of Christ.
Taking a stand in 2004
Lee Shelton on constitutional conservatives.
It all started with Roosevelt
Richard Ebeling reviews Defend America First.
'Unregulated system of education'
Dan Rather wants homeschooling regulated.
When God jiggles your willer
S. Lewis Johnson on efficacious grace.
Handing it over
Daniel Pipes thinks its time to turn power over to the Iraqis.
Who is the government?
We are, says Lynn Stuter.
Anxious to leave Baghdad
Memo from Paul Bremer to Condi.
Mel Gibson's the Passion
Download the trailer here.
Roy Moore is coming to Pensacola
Join Chuck Baldwin on God and Country Day in Florida.
Simple, separate, sanctified
Al Benson on cultural secession.
Indian Catholics warned of upcoming crusade.
Government information awareness
Citizens are striking back in the intelligence wars. Article from
CBS to broadcast slam on homeschooling
Murders, suicides to be the focus.
McKinley and the acquisition of the Philippines
Dave Black says it's deja vu all over again in Iraq.
George Washington he is not
Bush has a problem of his own making.
Another century of war?
Read the review by John Denson.
'The most wonderful work'
And why it is ignored.
Which history do we teach?
Michael Kelley on what Confederate immigrants can teach us.
A defining moment
Judge Moore is justified in his actions, says Mark Harrington.
Fiscal feeding frenzy
Lee Shelton on the high cost of compassionate conservatism.
Driver's licenses for illegal aliens
Phyllis Schlafly on pseudo-amnesty in Mexifornia, et al.
Geopolitical backlash
And the Iraqi debacle. From the American Conservative.
Educating children about the Civil War
It's our job as parents, says Dave Black.
A quiet threat to homeschooling
Multiculturalism being pushed by state.
The few, the proud
And the unrewarded. Article by David Hackworth.
We're number one!
Well, sort of.
Are you overweight?
John Lavender on (spiritual) obesity.
Undistracting excellence
John Piper on what unites us in worship.
Arnold not a conservative?
No problem, says the GOP. Article by Chuck Baldwin.
Let us prey
Cults targeting campuses. From the Guardian Limited.
Wildfires can be prevented
But don't tell that to the feds.
Baptists on baptism
Tom Tollett reviews The Baptism of Disciples Alone.
Nobody's pretty pony
The last days of Little Sorrel.
Dark days for America
Dave Black on the 2004 presidential race.
Earnestness in repentance
The daily prayers of John Bradford.
Quick and sob-free
Hamburg's hubby day care.
Lied into war
Pieter Friedrich says it's happened before.
Recovering a lost art
The benefits of reciting Scripture from memory.
A man ahead of his time
Robert Dabney on the problem with 'free schools.' From Little Geneva.
Lord's supper or snack?
Steve Atkerson on the church's weekly feast.
White House stonewalling again
It's time to come clean about 9/11, says New York Times. I agree.
Jonathan Edwards
An appreciation.
Pastor to flock: Get serious!
Or get out.
Army needs more combat soldiers
Not another exodus-sized mass of camp followers.
Submission to proper authority
Chuck Baldwin on Christian resistance and power-mad potentates.
Does God know all future events exhaustively?
A refutation of open theism.
Groaning for freedom
Our physical afflictions will one day be over.
Fulfilled in Jesus
Gannon Murphy on the major Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament.
They're back
The leo-cons, that is.
Are we right?
Dave Black on getting rid of the clutter in our lives.
The new Pillsbury Doughboy
Not worried about the Patriot Act?
You should be.
Letter to Bill O'Reilly
Greg Settles defines good and evil.
President to nation: Let's go to Mars!
Phil Veritas asks, why stop there?
Oregon is full of them.
The world's fastest growing religious movement
Azusa Street was nickel and dime stuff in comparison.
Wild and wacky
Yippee! It's the prosperity gospel!
Our two party system
It's been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
Thinking outside the box
Americans are trapped by tradition, says Dorothy Anne Seese.
Declare your independence!
Chuck Baldwin on our two party death grip.
Unbiblical church practices
It's time to forsake them, says Dave Black.
Principle before party
Under Republican rule, God is being removed from America.
What happens when the church is not free?
The Word of God is muzzled.
Immigration madness
Learning a lesson from the Swiss.
And ye shall be saved.
Our new cultural icon
The American Jesus.
The age integrated church
If the family comes first, why not keep it together?
Want to reform your youth ministry?
Reject adolescence, says Dave Black.
When the cure becomes the problem
A biblical critique of youth ministries.
Hope Chapel's philosophy of age integration
How and why to integrate the ages.
Family-based youth ministry
Overcoming the generation gap.
What Easter teaches us
Why Christianity Lite won't get the job done.
Easter every Sunday
Restoring a resurrection focus in worship.
Anabaptists and the First Amendment
Dave Black on America's free church tradition.
The First Amendment
A panoramic history. Essay by James Ostrowski.
Internet gatekeepers?
It's not a pleasant sight.
Lost, but recoverable
Church discipline, that is.
Back to the Bible and the Constitution!
It's time to move from words to action, says Dave Black.
The coming underground church?
Why the secular state hates genuine Christians.
Never in January
Noel Piper on reading through the Bible.
Cleanliness is next to impossible
Why Christians must get down and dirty in the culture wars.
Where are the pastors?
Copping out, says Chuck Baldwin.
Church, state
And the separation illusion.
Our problem isn't dead orthodoxy
It's live heteropraxy, says Jim Elliff.
In a time of extraordinary need
God has been known to do an extraordinary work.
Robertson's prison
A review of Norman Robertson's Tithing - God's Financial Plan.
How's your hekastology?
Dave Black on a forgotten New Testament doctrine.
Walking without slipping
One pastor's thoughts on local church reformation.
Beyond McChurch
What to do when church becomes a parachurch organization.
Back to the Constitution!
A personal word from the editor on the anniversary of DBO.
Keeping Christ in Christianity
A pastor writes to his congregation at Christmas.
Want to reach "seekers"?
They don't exist, says Dave Black.
Message to Creekers
Let's be sensitive to the real Seeker.
Machen was right about the Gulf War
A New Testament scholar speaks out on American foreign policy.
The sheep judge their shepherds
Combating false doctrine in the church.
The Church in a post-Christian age
The rise of new-age globalism, and what we can do about it.
The role of pastors in reforming a nation
A pastor appeals to the Zambian Parliament.
When Christians disagree
What a meeting at a Marburg castle can teach us.
Helping the poor
Without feeding the beast.
I'm not OK
Then again, neither are you.
Are our wars really just?
Or just an excuse for nation building?
The one and only "Senior Pastor"
Dave Black on the praise of men versus the glory of God.
The submissive man
Leaders must learn how to follow, says Philip Lancaster.
"My name is John, and I'm an alcoholic"
What preachers can learn from AA.
He isn't stupid
How Saddam's trial will be a nightmare for Bush & Co.
Saddam is a mere shadow
Getting out is the real issue.
A liberated Iraq?
Harry Browne says "Give me a break!"
Those lonely, forgotten words
"This do ye in remembrance of Me" is hardly a reference to Christmas, says Dave Black.
A new T.U.L.I.P?
Mike Scruggs on the five points of evanjellycalism.
Pattern + precept = practice
Apostolic tradition is as binding as apostolic teaching, says Steve Atkerson.
The heart of the matter
The forgotten commands.
Authority and ministry in the local church
Rudy Ray says it doesn't include a "head honcho."
Church leadership in Philippians 1:1
Dave Black on what Paul says, and what he doesn't.
Do churches exist to evangelize non-Christians?
Riddelbarger says Warren has it exactly backwards.
Unbelieving "born-agains"
Rampant unbelief among people who have "accepted Christ."
The age-old problem
Cheap grace.
Here we go again
The "mistakes" of war are costing us our credibility, says Dave Black.
"Free in Christ"
What Christian liberty is, and isn't.
Blab it and grab it
John Green says there are no shortcuts in Christian living.
The Right Reverend Senior Pastor, M.Div., D. Min.
Oops, did I forget something?
Digging a hole in goodness
Augustine on evil.
Bush is "a great watchdog for the taxpayers' money"
And I'm a multi-millionaire with a villa in Monaco, says Dave Black.
A.k.a. oppressive tolerance.
What fashionable Christianity is
Origins of the specious
John W. Montgomery on the descent of evangelicalism.
When men play tyrants
People are far too trusting of government.
When government becomes God
Dave Black on the insatiable messianic impulse of the state.
The new evangelical worldliness
The term "evangelical" has been co-opted, says Joseph Braswell.
What's wrong with "user-friendly" churches?
Civilian deaths and the just use of force
Avoiding the death of innocents is the moral duty of every government, says Dave Black.
The real party of big government
Ron Paul on the dangers of "compassionate conservatism."
The glory of God, or of mom and dad?
Children are not being adequately parented, says Gary Hendrix.
The habit of thankfulness
John Broadus on a forgotten art.
Should young ladies go to college?
Carmon Friedrich on the biblical role of women, and men.
Academic day care
What Gary North would do if he were 25 all over again.
Our fat religious neutrality
Christianity has lost its cutting edge, says Dave Black.
When the bride is the groom
Greg Koukl on natural law and same-sex marriage.
Our theologian-in-chief
Evangelicals give the president a pass, again.
Gaining majority status
While losing the republic.
Patriot Act type powers to punish political dissenters
The IRS can ignore normal procedures, says Robert R. Raymond.
New law only encourages abortion
Jim Rudd on the lies being spread by "pro-lifers."
Our two-party folly
American voters are certifiably insane, writes Keith Brumley.
Fusing church and politics
Dave Black on the theory that backfired.
Widening the gate to the kingdom
Berit Kjos on Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life.
2003 in review
Paul Proctor takes a look back.
When the Americans leave
The future of Iraq after the war.
Americans face Joshua's choice
Dave Black on fighting the culture wars with spiritual weapons.
Prayer makes history
David Brainerd's lifetime of holy passion.
Limited government
Very, very limited.
Popular culture
Is it either?
God does not repent
Like a man, that is.
It's nobody's fault but our own
Dave Black on how far we have fallen.
Could it happen in America?
Irwin Lutzer on "cross-twisting."
...and counting.
Why we don't speak up
We're cowards, says Paul Walter.
On the right to civil disobedience
Dave Black quotes from Calvin's Institutes.
Calling fellow Christians back to the truth
Debbie O'Hara on taking the nation back from the secularists.
The most proactive thing you can do
Stand for truth. Essay by Lewis Goldberg.
The ideal of a just society
10 Commandments monument can stand - in Texas.
Let the state be the state
Dave Black on the prophetic function of the church.
The problem with seeker-sensitivity
Apart from being unbiblical, that is. Article by R.C. Sproul.
The gravest question
Tom Ascol on the pastoral implications of open theism.
The president betrays the pro-family agenda again
But does anyone care? How does Bush survive?
Putting 'defense' back into our defense policy
Read the review of Ivan Eland's latest book.
The right to religious freedom
Health Department goes after Amish in Michigan.
It's time to turn back 40 years of judicial tyranny
Judge Moore is defending the Constitution and deserves our support.
Name dropping?
Episcopal school weighing change.
Why we are losing the peace in Iraq
David Pyne on what has gone wrong, and what to do about it.
Pro-lifers take 'concrete' steps against abortion
Austin builders boycotting abortatoria.
If I ever accept an invitation to the White House
Trash my columns, says Dave Black.
Who's really guilty?
David Brownlow on the partial-birth abortion ban scam.
Moore's trial to begin Wednesday
Supporters to seek acquittal.
Pro-life fantasy
The law says, 'Thou shalt not murder,' not, 'Thou shalt regulate murder,' says Jim Rudd.
A republic, not a democracy
Dave Black says viva la difference!
The Iraqi resistance
And those who underestimated it.
Poor little fools
Chuck Baldwin is tired of being a little guy (well, sort of).
Bush is no hero of the pro-life movement
Ban on partial-birth abortion is a pyrrhic victory at best, says Dave Black.
It's a lie!
Moralism, that is.
Christianity for dummies
Gene Veith on stupid church tricks.
The man who stood alone
Dave Black on the courage of Robert Byrd. Read his Senate speech here.
Why the draft won't fly
It's immoral, says Kyle Williams. Ron Paul agrees.
RU 486 kills teenager
Yet 'conservatives' remain silent.
Shooting rampages
Why our teenagers are out of control.
Thunderous roar
Judge Moore vows to continue fight.
Trampling freedom to rid the world of evil
Interview with James Bovard, author of Terrorism and Tyranny.
He knew how to package it
J.S.B., who else?
Message to Supreme Court
The Creator, not Judge Moore, wrote the 10 Commandments.
Conflicts within and without
Dave Black says the war has put Christianity on trial.
The new inquisition
Walter Cronkite on the Patriot Act.
Drafting women?
How the ERA can be stopped. Article by Phyllis Schlafly.
Brave 'new' schools
Ashley Anderson says there's nothing new about compromise.