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Goldwater’s Heirs?

Darrell Dow

Few writers who claim the “conservative” label have acquired so prominent a position in the establishment as George Will. Hence, Will’s musings are of consequence and consideration.

In his latest column, Will says a couple of strange things. First, he wrote that political conventions are “intensely interesting.” That’s a knee-slapper, but not unexpected coming from a bow-tie wearing journalist. Seriously, is watching McCain, Miller, Edwards, and the rest rant, rave, and prevaricate really interesting?

Secondly, Will says that the Republican convention saw a rebirth of Goldwaterism. Since, I had better things to do then watch the convention (there were heaps of dog dung I had to scoop in the back yard), I was interested in this mysterious trend that Will had spotted.

What evidence was proffered by Will to prove his assertion that the spirit of Goldwater had been resurrected in New York? Why the rapturous reception given to Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

OK, so Will thinks Schwarzenegger and Giuliani are Goldwaterites? When they endorse repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, call for the repeal of Social Security, support selling the Tennessee Valley Authority, and condemn racial preferences, I might agree. Until such time, I will continue to consider them liberals.

In truth, what Will is doing is defining Goldwaterism to mean libertinism. What he seems to find disturbing about the right is its opposition to the homosexualist and pro-abort attack on American life. Will writes that “the dominance of the cultural conservatives gave force to the Democrats' and the media's caricatures of the Republican Party as a brackish lagoon of intolerance, a caricature that, like all caricatures, contained a trace of truth.”

My, my. So it turns out the social right is a “lagoon of intolerance” to be rescued by paragons of virtue like Ahhhnold and Rudy. What Will is counseling is that the Republicans, who have in no substantive way countered the radical homosexuals and done nothing to turn the tide against abortion, should do even less.

When will conservative Christians wake up to the fact that they have no political home?

September 5, 2004

Darrell Dow writes from Jeffersonville, Indiana where he works as a statistician.  A misanthropic Paleoconservative, Darrell is the husband of Kathy, and the father of Joshua and Andrew.  To see pictures of the boys and get a small glimpse into the Dow house, visit the family website.  Darrell also maintains a website and a new blog.  Darrell can be contacted here.

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