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A Pox On Both Their Houses!

Jeff Adams

As the presidential campaign ramps up and prepares to get really ugly, with Democrats and Republicans both making accusations that the opposition party is full of liars, two-faced hypocrites, are a threat to our freedoms, etc., I have to say something.  They are both right!  The populist politician George Wallace once declared there wasn’t ‘a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans.’  With the death of the ‘Reagan Revolution,’ and the collapse of the conservative ‘Contract with America’ that helped the Republicans take over the House of Representatives, this is true now more than it was when Wallace said it 36 years ago.

The Democrats are willing to sell our sovereignty to the UN, which would mean that we would cease being a free people and would be under the total will of foreigners (we already have lost rights to self-determination due to our membership in the WTO, GATT, and NAFTA, as well as other treaties).  Most foreigners hate us and want our resources and our wealth.  The stooges that inhabit the UN would plunder the U.S.  The Democrats are socialists in all but their name.  Taxes would go up, every form of perversion would be legalized, and only the South and Christians would be fair game for discrimination and attack.

The Republicans don’t want to submit our sovereignty to the UN; they want to dominate the UN, making the U.S. ‘king of the hill’ in a way that legitimizes what they are already doing.  Business profits for large corporations come first, before the Bill of Rights or the well being of average citizens.  Granted, our Christian foundations get a nod from Republicans, but I see them doing nothing to stop the assault on our heritage by liberal judges and heathen activists. 

Both political parties welcome big, growing, ever-centralizing government.  Both parties embrace immigration at a level that is unsustainable without decimating our culture and our political institutions.  Both parties strive to dole out as much of our money as possible (taken from us in the form of taxes) to illegal aliens, slackers, and bums who refuse to take responsibility for themselves, not to mention to numerous countries that aren’t our allies.  The redistribution of wealth has become an entrenched mindset in America that Marx and Lenin would have loved.

Neither of the establishment parties holds the answer to solving the problems that plague our land.  Neither party offers a leader that is capable, or even willing, to tackle the real problems we face.  Bush distracts the public with his ‘War on Terror,’ and Kerry distracts people by advocating his socialist one-world view, repeating his pathetic mantra that “I’m not Bush.”  Neither man addresses the more pressing matters of our crushing debt, our deteriorating borders, the flight of jobs overseas, or the waste, fraud and abuse by government officials of our tax dollars.  And both men are prone to declaring things, whether it’s about Iraq’s threat to us (Bush) or their activities concerning Vietnam (Kerry), that are works of fiction, and then refusing to admit their ‘misstatements’ when confronted with the facts.

Both the Democrat and Republican Parties are corrupt, perverted, dysfunctional political organizations that are not looking after the welfare of the citizens, but are looking to get power for their party and increasing that power any way they can.  Neither party cares about the Constitution, as they constantly violate it via their politicians who are elected and constantly break their oaths of office.  These establishment parties are about money and power.  They are not about liberty or the rule of law.  They are two sides of the same tarnished coin that needs to be melted down and remade.

A pox on both their houses!

So where to turn?  For those that want constitutional government, believe in the ideals of the founders concerning limited government, self-determination, and respect for the traditions and heritage of this land, I’d suggest going here to read up on a political organization that is working to make a true difference in our future.

I know people will say, “But if I go that route, we would ensure that _____ would win.”  As there is no difference between Bush and Kerry in any significant sense, so what?  The drones and lemmings that robotically pull the lever of whichever establishment party they blindly follow will do so year after year, believing they are exercising their ‘freedom’ to select who will run the government.  They are largely incapable of understanding they are merely giving their approval of which master they will be a slave to.

Both the Democrat and Republican houses should be burned down.  They are infested with such corruption that only a complete starting over and building new political organizations could be beneficial.  Attempting to ‘reform from within’ has failed for decades.  I say start anew, and the best hope for this, in my eyes, is to link up with the third largest political party out there (referenced at the link above).  Rock the worlds of the Democrats and Republicans by voting, but vote to leave those two corruptors of the system out of the game.

June 19, 2004

Mr. Jeff Adams is the State Director of Education for the Texas chapter of the League of the South. He currently works as an industrial engineer in Houston, Texas. He may be reached for comment here.

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