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DC’s Gang of Thugs

Michael Peirce

The fact that many true conservatives are outraged by the consistent betrayals by George Bush has led many of us to renounce any allegiance to the Republican Party. This has outraged the more simplistic among us and infuriated the neo-conservatives who assumed our vote was theirs by default.  Sorry fellows, you called it wrong!

An individual typical of those folks wrote to Chuck Demastus’s online newsletter recently complaining that if the Republicans lose the upcoming presidential election then those of us who don’t vote for him are to blame for socialism, high taxes, the atheist ACLU, and drugs. He also noted that that we should thank a soldier for the privilege of even reading his comments.

This is so far off base I hardly know where to begin.

On each count he is incorrect. Last to first – yes, I respect the fighting man – but fighting in Iraq has exactly nothing to do with my right to speak out. That was vouchsafed for me by better men than even exist in this current tawdry age. My own gun guarantees it now. 

We should remember that the fine men who founded this Republic of ours held to the belief that freedom was the responsibility of the individual, not the government. They rejected standing armies, foreign entanglements, and income taxes. Their documents survive and are codified as law in this country.

High taxes? George Bush has red lined the budget and yet some poor suckers still believe he cut our taxes. Who do you think will pay for those deficits? 

Sadly, we have allowed our leaders to become scofflaws, from the courts to the executive and legislative branches; they routinely violate both the spirit and the letter of the law.  We forget sometimes, in our greed for more government goodies, that government has no legal justification for stealing from one to buy votes from another.  Our freedoms are not only not protected; we are throwing them at the feet of this gang of thugs in Washington in exchange for crumbs.

It wasn’t Saddam Hussein who wrote that appalling patriot act or who is suppressing our rights here at home. No soldier is protecting us from the abuses of government nor, as they should be, from cross border incursions from Mexico. Bush is using our comrades in the military for his grudge match – it has nothing to do with my freedom or yours.

Socialism? We already have that. Bush has done nothing to turn around the regime laid upon us by Clinton: babies are still murdered, our borders are not protected, and our airports are a joke. Government has become more and more intrusive – the amount of armed thugs in the various government police forces has risen dramatically! 

How is George Bush anything but a socialist? How many Clinton appointees has Bush removed?  How many Clinton executive orders has he overturned?  How many pork laden bills has he vetoed?

Atheist ACLU? How could those fools be worse than the Republicans? Was God mentioned last Christmas or was He constantly attacked and His followers mocked? We know that Bush spoke not one word against the disgusting creatures that together with the president’s good buddy, Ted Kennedy, mocked our Lord.

Sure, Bush pays lip service to God in his speeches – but he has the power to get rid of the communist judges who are leading the attack on religion and hasn’t. The whole weight of government is turned against Christianity and last time I looked it was George Bush in control of the executive branch of the government! The fact is, Bush could but won’t use that so-called “bully pulpit” to put the brakes on the persecution of Christianity but he has not and will not. Why don’t folks stop dancing for Massa and take a long hard look at the traitor they are supporting?  Judge him by his deeds folks, not by the lies that come out of his mouth.

Yes, I said traitor. This is a term I don’t use lightly. If we are truly at war, as President Bush claims we are, then his tolerance of our wide open Southern border constitutes an act of treason. If the President will not protect our borders then he is a traitor period. That the Democrats are no better is hardly reason to like Bush.

I agree that no Democrat is any better. There is, however, something particularly annoying about being betrayed by one who claims to be your friend – the Democrats openly condemn me as a heterosexual Southern white man so at least they are not my enemies under false pretences.

Why on earth should I care if the traitor in chief is a Republican or a Democrat?  I only care if he is a patriot and will abide by his oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States. Bush won’t.  So no, I won’t vote for him. As of now I plan to write in either Tom Tancredo or Ron Paul. 

What makes these times so very frightening is the unmistakable fact that the good Lord is giving us the leaders we deserve – it’s that simple. If and when we acknowledge Him He will give us better – while we act like trash, He will give us trashy leaders.

It is well past time to stop pretending that our problems are the fault of one party or another – they are both hopelessly corrupt but they both represent us, the American people, accurately. The American people can stop this slide into perversion any time we want. We simply don’t care enough to do it. Why waste time pretending there is a difference between the two parties of treason.  The alternative is to start acting like folks who deserve a decent leader. Perhaps then God will give us one!

January 29, 2004

Michael Peirce is an American veteran of the Rhodesian war, pro-Southern, and solidly into the values our ancestors tried so hard to pass on to us. He writes for and works as a software developer. Most importantly, he is a believer in Christ our Lord through His grace. He may be reached for comment here.

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