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The Bush Twins, Psychoheresy, and Government Education

Matthew R. Gamel    

The RNC has come and gone, and several weeks later I am still perplexed by some of the things that were said. I am not sure if anyone heard what was said by the Bush twins at the Republican National Convention, but when I heard what was said I became outraged.

The following is a partial transcript:

It’s great to be here. We love Arnold. Isn’t he awesome? Thanks to him, if one of us ever decides to marry a Democrat, nobody can complain.

Except maybe our Grandmother, Barbara. And, if she didn’t like it, we would definitely hear about it. We already know she doesn’t like some of our clothes, or music, or most of the TV shows we watch. Ganny, we love you dearly, but you’re just not very hip. She thinks “Sex in the City” is something married people do, but never talk about.

Jenna then proceeded to say:

But, contrary to what you might read in the papers... our parents are actually pretty cool.

They do know the difference between mono... and Bono.

When we tell them we’re going to see Outkast, they know it’s a band... and not a bunch of misfits. And, if we really beg them, they will even “Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture.”

That’s right my friends. I’m not sure about you, but I would rather have a president that knows the difference between mono and Bono (whatever that is) and one that can “shake it like a Polaroid picture” than one who knows the difference between deficit and surplus or has a thorough understanding of constitutional law. Thankfully, Michael Peroutka commented on the situation saying:

Is it just me or does anybody else believe that the remarks of the Bush twins at the Republican Convention were foolish, embarrassing, dishonorable to their parents and grandparents, and not funny. Did anybody else cringe and feel sorry for our President and country when Jenna Bush said that Grandma Barbara Bush is “not very hip” because she thinks the TV show “Sex And The City” is “something married people do, but never talk about?”

Jenna Bush’s assertion that “Outkast” is a band and “not a bunch of misfits” is – well, just Google this motley, foul-mouthed, toilet-tongued crew. Check out their photos and lyrics. And I think you’ll agree that the word “misfit” doesn’t even begin to accurately describe these raunchy rappers.

Mr. Peroutka concluded his remarks with a statement that has much truth to it.

Finally, “Outkast” was not at the GOP Convention. But there were those who were cast out and not allowed to speak there in primetime – any identifiable outspoken conservative who is: Pro-life; anti-illegal immigration; pro-Second Amendment; anti-Big Government; against Federally-funded education; and anti the war in Iraq.

Thank you, sir; I am glad that someone has the guts to stand up and say something because I guarantee you that the majority of the religious “right” will completely ignore this situation as if it doesn’t matter. I find this type of behavior not only insulting but also outrageous and profane, especially if one knows anything about these filthy mouthed perverts that call themselves Outkast.

The Ignorance of the Religious Right

With all this said and done, it’s good to know that our “Christian” president is doing all he can to raise good godly “Christian” children. After searching the web for more information concerning the twins, I quickly found that these two women have frequently been in trouble with the law, most notably for underage drinking, and are practically a carbon copy of your average hormone ridden, rebellious, college sorority girl that only speaks two languages: beer and sex. What further proceeded to irritate me more than this is the fact that your average Bush-supporting Christian will groan about the immorality that Clinton brought into the White House but will practically overlook the President’s children just like his policy and his worthless double-statements. Let me tell you something: this type of behavior is correlated directly with the parents and the way the child was raised. Because the church has so readily accepted the pseudo-science of psychology, many would now attempt to transfer responsibility from the source of the problem (i.e., the parents) to some humanistic abstraction (i.e., adolescence or age). To be frank, I don’t particularly care what modern psychology tells us. For what saith the Scriptures? “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

I’m sure that, when confronted about this, your average Bush-supporting Christian will make excuses for this just as they will when one attempts to point out the countless infringements of the Constitution and, more importantly, Biblical law that have been consistently made by our “conservative” President. Should we honestly expect the majority of these Bush-supporting Christians to seriously consider this? No, I certainly wouldn’t bet on it. Frankly, they have been content with harboring the erroneous notion that our current president is the personification of conservatism, to paraphrase Jerry Falwell and, more recently, James Dobson. With all due respect to these gentlemen, I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Falwell and Mr. Dobson know what conservatism actually is. Dubya only briefly pays lip service to social conservatism and that’s about it; he certainly is no kind of social conservative! He is simply aware of the fact that if he mentions something about marriage and something shallow about Jesus every now and then he will manage to gain political influence within the apostate worldly church. He doesn’t even pretend to be a fiscal, economic, political, or gubernatorial (for lack of a better term) conservative and it is, in my view, shallow thought to contend that social conservatism is not somehow interdependent with economic, epistemological, and Jeffersonian political foundations. No, my friends, our wicked, God-hating Empire and our dishonest economic and monetary systems more readily facilitate the moral chaos of our day then all of the talking heads at CNN and Fox News combined. They merely exist to pacify and keep individuals busy so that they don’t see the real underlying problems. It is quite apparent that they have been successful, since the “conservative” leaders of the religious right don’t seem to get this.

Our Morally Depraved Young People

What is frightening is the fact that these young individuals, who have been thoroughly brainwashed by our government schools and have had any ounce of decency and morality that may have existed expunged from them by this Yankee narcissistic pop-garbage culture, will one day be our leaders. Being a graduate student at a secular university consistently verifies such a proposition. I am so frequently surrounded by this Yankee pop-culture that I am sometimes tempted to quit (and believe me, I would if I didn’t enjoy math). I can’t even go into any major social area without having to listen to MTV or some pop-radio station or see diversity propaganda plastered all over the place. For a demonstration of the type of garbage our young people are filling their minds with, I would at least urge you to tune in to such a local station and just listen for thirty minutes. Our young people are so open minded that their brains have literally slipped out of their heads.

Question: Why is it that our kids and our young people act like animals? Could it be what it is we are teaching them and bombarding them with? We ought to realize that the public schools are no place for any child, but once this realization becomes plain we must also realize that the public (and many private) universities are also no place for anyone either, at least if you have any virtue and self-control and a traditional worldview. To put it mildly, I once heard someone I trust give an interesting statistic concerning folks that move off to college. He said that most individuals who go off to college who claim to be a follower of Christ either end up with their faith completely destroyed or severely shipwrecked by the time they leave. Basically what this means is that the schools are fulfilling their established goal. If one studies the history of educational philosophy, one ought to discover that government schools have always existed to engender one belief system while at the same time extinguishing another. I would submit that this problem is deeply rooted in the doctrinal errors that the church has embraced and the fact that we are not firmly grounding our children in the Scriptures and even in basic logic. Some of the arguments I have heard professors throw around are either logical fallacies or based on entirely different axiomatic epistemological foundations. This essentially means that an axiom from worldview A usually cannot be used to deduce something about worldview B merely because the philosophical foundations of most worldviews are diametrically opposed.

Allow me to illustrate this chaos by giving some concrete examples from the university I attend. Last spring, I recall seeing a poster at the recreation center on campus offering a course in “Sexual Health for the Sexes,” and somehow I doubt that this is geared towards married students. This type of behavior is portrayed as normal, and the godless psychology embraced by the church would confirm such an assessment. A brief look at some of the courses at my university and some of the propaganda that is disseminated by the “diversity” office would probably cause one to become incredibly angry. For those of you that are interested in seeing a very small portion of what I am speaking of please visit the Gender Issues Education Services publications page (this page contains some material that is not suitable for children). Also, I should note that some of the things that have been attempted by these perverts aren’t even worthy of mention due to the graphic nature of them. I am willing to bet that there exists a non-trivial amount of readers who would be surprised if I were to mention some of the stunts pulled in the name of diversity. Speaking of which, my favorite “fact” sheet is the one entitled “Transgender 101”– I’m so glad these folks are here to “educate” misguided traditionalists such as myself. And look at the title of the hypertext document; these folks are “punny” and pithy at the same time! I would then contend that, according to this foreign tongue that our young people speak, the folks at GIES are incredibly “hip.” I mean, they are so hip that the acronym is even pithy and “punny.” Indeed, the most surreal item concerning my school is the fact that I go to what many would consider to be a “conservative” university. Perhaps this is the type of “conservatism” to which Mr. Dobson and Mr. Falwell have made reference; it certainly appears to be the brand of social “conservatism” of our current president.

The point I am simply trying to make is that these young individuals are sent off to government propaganda mills by their parents. Then they are sent off to a secular college and university where they are bombarded with this filthy culture and are forced to daily submerge themselves in the dung of revisionist history, godless pseudo-science, values clarification, diversity propaganda, and materialism that is nothing more than the daily excrement flowing from the mouths of our university officials and the almighty hand extended from the Yankee Empire. It is clear that the state sanctions such things because if it didn’t the funding would disappear. It’s almost not worth sending one’s child to college anymore.

Trading Scripture for Psychology

Now, I beg the reader’s pardon for my use of such harsh language up to this point but folks, its about time we start calling this culture what it is – excrement that ultimately flows from the gates of Hell itself. The problem is compounded when we have religious leaders that continually urge the church to compromise and who suggest solutions to the moral issues of our day that will have absolutely no impact on the current state of affairs! Why? First, I submit that there is little to no understanding of the major issues that confront us as well as their interdependence, both socially and economically. Second, when one has an amalgamation of misinformation concerning the issues combined with false doctrine and worldly philosophies (e.g., psychology, CGM), should we be surprised when our religious leaders have absolutely no clue what the relationship between the Christian and civil government is? Should we be surprised when these leaders tell us to stand up for that which is not righteous but turns out to be a little more righteous than the alternative (which is really no alternative at all but the opposite side of the same establishment coin)? Should we be surprised when they continue to passively suggest that we ought to send our children to the very institutions that are re-engineering our society and causing much of the problem?

And when our children come home from school with attitude problems or confusion concerning what many would call “sexual identity” we are then fed hearty doses of psychology from the mouths of our religious leaders suggesting that they are going through a phase of life that is absolutely normal. And when our boys don’t act like little girls they are labeled as “abnormal” or deficient. And when our girls don’t act like men or would rather learn how to be a homemaker than learn how to some independent feminist, they are drugged up and also labeled “abnormal.” Our kids have been so drugged up on psychiatric drugs and fed hearty doses of psychobabble from our modern day Mengeles and “polytruks” in our government schools that it is no wonder our kids act the way they do! And the church seems to accept this, without any problem – in fact, the church seems to be part of the problem because no one seems to be saying anything about these issues in our mainstream churches.

We have replaced Scripture with psychology, and this is why we are losing our children. “Oh no, but wait” some might say; “we only focus on the practical application of psychology and combine that with Scripture.” I have never heard such folly and nonsense come from the mouth of a supposed man of God! Scripture and psychology are two things that are contrary and cannot be reconciled. Psychology is a pseudo-science held up by the pillars of humanism and godless theories by godless men, and the church has gobbled it up as if it were the greatest thing to ever come around the bend! As John MacArthur puts it, most have rejected Darwin and Huxley but have accepted Freud. Evolution and psychology are based on the same philosophies, but I suppose your average Christian is either too drugged up on Ritalin or too undiscerning to see this.

I don’t know about you, my friends, but if the Lord ever graciously grants me a wife and children, the first and only thing I shall consult when problems arise will be the infallible, unchanging, Holy Word of God. I will never trust the welfare of my wife and children to the godless humanism of modern psychology, and I am not sure why so many individuals are willing to do so! Even if some of these things appear to work pragmatically, they are still based on the same philosophy that the remainder of the techniques and theory that the church supposedly rejects are based upon. Look at what the remainder of these theories has done! Why, then, should we place divine trust in a pseudo-science whose foundation is built upon a flawed epistemological system and tenets that are diametrically opposed to divine Scripture? As far as I am concerned, it should be damned back to Hell from whence it came.

The Conclusion of the Matter

And yet, when all is said and done, we continue to wonder why our society continues to “slouch towards Gomorrah,” as Bork put it. We hopelessly drift about our day-to-day lives so manipulated by the establishment that we cannot even perceive that the very system and doctrine we continue to legitimize is the cause of the problem. My dear friends, we must understand that action stems from belief – if one believes right, then one will act right. And then, to top this off, we have Christians that don’t understand why doctrine matters!

The reason nobody is willing to do what is righteous in the church is because the mainstream church has watered down the soul transforming Gospel of Christ with some social gospel and has equated Biblical love with this pussy, self-righteous, shallow, humanistic love that is always self-serving and never self-sacrificing. And boy oh boy, look at what it has done to the church and our lives; I mean, our marriages end in divorce nearly as often as the unbelieving world and our churches bow down to the whims of unbelievers to the point that the world is unable to distinguish itself from the church half of the time. We have accepted worldly philosophies and have conformed the Scriptures to them rather than allowing the Scriptures to transform our minds and our hearts. We accept psychology and then turn around and wonder why our kids act the way they do and why our nation is going to hell asymptotically, so to speak.

And then our religious leaders beg our government to fix all the problems when our government has been the cause of the majority of our problems! To me, this is absolutely unbelievable!

There will never be a restoration of morality in our society unless we first remedy the root(s) of the problem. And the remedy should always begin at square one: the infallible, unchanging, Holy Word of God. Until our mainstream religious leaders decide to expunge and remove the humanist garbage that the church has willfully embraced, we shall continue to see the chaos degrade to the point that it will ultimately prove to be fatal for our nation and the evangelical church in America.

So, am I really surprised at the cocky, disrespectful remark that was made by the Bush twins at the RNC? No, not really. I’m sure that many an education bureaucrat looked upon such a statement with glee, seeing the fruits of their labor manifest itself not only at the RNC but also on television and radio outlets daily. John Dewey would be proud. Am I surprised at the sheer lack of attention that our mainstream religious “leaders” have given this comment? No, not particularly. After all, Jenna is “at that age,” you know. Yes sir, Mr. Peroutka, there are those who feel just as outraged as you do, but let’s not expect any dissent to come from the mouths of the mainstream “conservative” right. It won’t be long before our children start confusing the faux conservatism of the mainstream religious right with the liberalism of the moderate left.

May we all humbly repent, and may God henceforth have mercy upon His people.

September 22, 2004

Matt Gamel is a graduate student at Texas A&M and eventually desires to go to seminary to study to be a biblical scholar. He may be reached for comment here.

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