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A Letter to Family and Friends: Why You Should Vote for Michael Peroutka

Stiles Watson

(A former student of mine wrote this letter to his loved ones about Election 2004. - Ed.)

America has embarked upon a path of socialism and every year she is gaining speed toward that mark. The people of America and her governmental institutions have forgotten “the Christian foundation upon which this nation is reared and the importance of its relation to the form of government established by the Constitution. We as a people, [are] allowing ourselves to become separated from the keystone of our national structure – our Christian heritage.... By omission, America [has] deflected into socialism.”[1] Our omission is that we have failed to acknowledge Jesus as Lord in all things. That includes government.

During the last six months, I had the joy and privileged to preach through a large portion of the Book of Philippians. One of the passages I was blessed with preaching included 2:9-11: “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (NASB). God has exalted Jesus as Lord above every other name – even above nations, presidents and political parties. The exaltation of Jesus by His Father was done at the resurrection. It is not a future event. More explicitly with regard to His Lordship over governments, God declares in Psalm 2:10-12, “Now therefore, O kings, show discernment; Take warning, O judges of the earth. Worship the LORD with reverence And rejoice with trembling. Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish {in} the way, For His wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!” As you can see, God exacts an extremely serious punishment on those governments who do not exalt His Son – they will perish.

The facts are, even though “Americas Christian history has not been taught in Christian schools and colleges for over one hundred years,”[2] our nation was undeniably founded upon explicitly Christian principles. Please take the time to read the following excerpt from an Election Sermon delivered by Dr. Jedidiah Morse in Charlestown, April 25, 1799 from Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Our dangers are of two kinds, those which affect our religion, and those which affect our government. They are, however, so closely allied that they cannot, with propriety, be separated. The foundations which support the interests of Christianity, are also necessary to support a free and equal government like our own. In all those countries where there is little or no religion, or a very gross and corrupt one, as in Mohometan [Muslim] and Pagan countries, there you will find, with scarcely a single exception, arbitrary and tyrannical governments, gross ignorance and wickedness, and deplorable wretchedness among the people.

To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom, and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoy. In proportion as the genuine effects of Christianity are diminished in any nation, either through unbelief, of the corruption of its doctrines, or the neglect of its institutions; in the same proportion will the people of that nation recede from the blessings of genuine freedom, and approximate the miseries of complete despotism. I hold this to be truth confirmed by experience. If so, it follows, that all efforts made to destroy the foundations of our holy religion, ultimately tend to the subversion also of our political freedom and happiness. Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government, and all the blessings which flow from them, must fall with them.[3]

Dr. Jedidiah Morses conclusions have been shown to be true. Everyday our freedoms are being deliberately and systematically removed from the shores of our once great nation by anti-God, anti-Christian Humanists who declare that each man is his own god, and by Statists who declare that government itself is god and has the right to determine Morality and the definitions of Liberty, Justice, and Freedom.

In the first century, the Roman Empire exercised a Statist Religion. The Empire did not care what form of personal worship its citizens exercised as long as their final allegiance was to the State. Christians were tolerated for a time until it was determined that they would only bow to King Jesus. I am afraid we are about to find ourselves, and currently are, in the same situation. It is time to demand that the name of Jesus be acknowledged as Lord of all, as God the Father has already done!

The first American Revolution had to be fought with guns and lives because they had no recourse before a tyrannical king. Our war is different. We have recourse, that is, our vote. We can affect the course of our future and regain our freedoms by participating in the system our forefathers secured with their blood.

So why vote for a new man, Michael Peroutka, running under a new party, the Constitution Party? Doesnt a vote for George W. Bush accomplish the same thing?

That facts reveal that George W. Bush is NOT the Christian President that he is esteemed to be:

  • In a recent New York Times interview with the President, President Bush admitted that even though he does read the Bible everyday, he does not necessarily believe every word he reads -- He has forsaken the very foundations!

  • President Bush has done more to publicly promote Islam than any other President in our history.

  • President Bush continues to promote homosexuality and abortion by continuing to appoint both pro-homosexual and pro-abortionists to positions of authority. He has even made a statement recently that suggests he might support gay marriage.

  • He has done more than any other President to support and encourage placing women on the front lines.

The list goes on –  please read Michael Harrison’s article entitled “No More Excuses! Why a vote for Michael Peroutka over George Bush Is Not a Wasted Vote” for an in-depth view into Bush’s record.

If there is any doubt that our nation and government has abandoned our Christian heritage, there should not be. I will not pretend that every one of our founding fathers was a Christian. However, Christianity was so ingrained in the culture that even the unbelievers thought like Christians. Unfortunately, the tables have now turned and Humanism is so ingrained in our culture that most Christians think like Humanists.

I will close by quoting an excerpt of a Massachusetts Proclamation for a Day of Prayer, Humiliation and Fasting issued by the Provincial Congress on April 15, 1775, four days before the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Whereas it has pleased the righteous Sovereign of the Universe, in just Indignation against the Sins of a People long blessed with inestimable Privileges, civil and religious, to suffer the Plots of wicked Men on both Sides of the Atlantick, who for many Years have incessantly laboured to sap the Foundation of our public Liberties, so far to succeed; that we see the New-England Colonies reduced to the ungreatful Alternative of a tame Submission to a State of absolute Vassalage to the Will of a despotic Minister—or of preparing themselves and Posterity, against the avowed Hostilities of the Parent State, who openly threatens to wrest them from their Hands by Fire and Sword.

In Circumstances dark as these, it becomes us, as Men and Christians, to reflect that, whilst every prudent Measure should be taken to ward off the impending Judgments, or prepare to act a proper Part under them when they come; at the same Time, all Confidence must be with-held from the Means we use; and reposed only on the GOD who rules in the Armies of Heaven, and without whose Blessing the best human Counsels are but Foolishness—and all created Power Vanity. [4]

The above was not a sermon, mind you, but an official proclamation by the Massachusetts State government. This Proclamation was signed “By Order of the Provincial Congress, John Hancock, President.” Can you see how far we have fallen?

I love God, my family, and our Christian Republic (as our country was originally founded), and this is why I cannot sit back and passively watch another election go by without anything being said (as I have done up until now). My plea is that you will use this information to make an informed decision, a decision based on biblical principle and truth, not on misinformation and propaganda. Vote with me on Nov. 2nd for Michael Peroutka for President.

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June 16, 2004

Stiles Watson is a layman who enjoys preaching God’s Word. He is a graduate of the University of Houston with a B.S. in Computer Science and has also taken courses at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife homeschool their children and attend Trinity Baptist Church in Wake Forest, NC. He may be reached for comment here.

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