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The Banality of the American Electorate

Bob Strodtbeck 

In the coming years Americans face a plethora of potential hazards. As oil supplies continue to dwindle and energy prices continue to rise, we will be asked to either endure the difficulties of converting from energy drawn from petroleum driven engines to alternative sources, or devote our sons and daughters to fighting in foreign countries so oil conglomerates can control global oil distribution.

The stability of the dollar will be eradicated by years of deficit spending and reliance on foreign servicing of the debt – which begins to dwindle as countries that have been buying American bonds devote their revenues to supporting their own infrastructures. The federal government will be forced to print up money to fund its programs will and, consequently, add to the oversupply of currency backed by private debt to fuel an inflationary cycle similar to that of Germany’s during the aftermath of WWI.

The resultant economic collapse will hasten the disappearance of the working middle class that has had its wages eroded by a glutted employee market featuring competition with cheap foreign labor. The desperation of the working class will be welcomed by transnational corporations that abandon any obligations to American employees to pursue expanded profits offered by conscripted labor provided by oppressive regimes.

Along with the collapsing economy will come turmoil, unrest, and even revolution. The violence will be intensified by the widespread inability of individuals to restrain their emotions, motivations or actions. Among the insurrections against social order will be that of millions of illegal Mexican immigrants that embrace the Reconquista of their homeland. That is an agenda to reclaim lands Mexico lost to America during the middle 1800s. These lands include almost the entire Western seaboard from California through Oregon, east to Oklahoma and south to the Rio Grande River at the Texas border.

Since the American military will be over stretched with assignments in over 150 countries, including occupations in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, there will be insufficient National Guard units on our shores to quell the uprising. Sensing the opportunity offered by our domestic troubles, the emerging global superpower, Communist China, will sponsor insurrection against American sponsored regimes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, provide support for Islamic revolutionaries opposing American occupation throughout the Middle East and make public alliances with Russia, Turkey and Egypt.

The Chinese will also begin coalescing socialistic political movements throughout the Balkans that will “encourage” the European Union, surrounded by Chinese satellites, to become economic allies of China. The subsequent economic isolation of America will motivate transnational corporations to move existing operations out of this country and relocate to the new economic powerhouses in Europe and Asia.

During this national descent that will make the ash heap of history look like an upscale neighborhood, will anyone contemplate what John Kerry or George Bush did during the Vietnam War?

The above scenario is conjecture, but it is built from some very real conditions. All of those conditions have been created by America’s two party political system that has abandoned the republican principles that set the foundation of American government for the sake of concentrating wealth, power, and prestige. That political system that is compounding the peril it is bringing this country by solidifying support through campaigns that vilify presidential opponents rather than organizing its activists toward public service and sustaining the nation.

American electoral politics reflect the banality, ignorance, arrogance, and stupification of the American public. American voters have lost their curiosity in public affairs outside of the (D) or (R) next to a candidate’s name. Fashion, image and labels dictate whether voters believe taxes should be cut or the federal government should provide their parents free prescription drugs.

Between the various attack ads that are intended to mortify voters from abandoning support for the two-party system will come warm and appealing portrayals of candidates that offer utopian solutions that will provide everything for everyone into perpetuity. At no time will anyone hear of the potential consequences of the bad decisions that have been followed by bad decisions that have defied constitutional limits on government.

Instead, the greatest majority of the voters who bother to go to the polls will be convinced that the republic is going to crumble if the candidate they support loses an election. At some point in the foreseeable future, nearly half the voters will be right.

August 25, 2004

Since 1993 Bob Strodtbeck has been writing commentaries for The Apopka Chief, a news weekly circulated in a community ten miles north of Orlando. His analyses investigate a wide range of topics from what he calls a “Christian pragmatic” view – that is to say, he considers that human interactions are largely driven by the human instinct toward self-service, which is traditionally known as sin. This perspective has given Bob great liberty to criticize governmental officials from both parties upon the standards of constitutional laws they swear to uphold and review cultural and economic phenomena from moral standards defined in the Bible. Bob currently lives in Orlando with his bride Pam and children Charlotte and Richard. He may be reached for comment here.

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