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No Slack for Bush

 David Alan Black 

One of my readers, Mr. E. E. Roberts of Amelia, Virginia, sent me this response to my essay, Dark Days for America. I publish it here with his permission.

You wrote:  “All these things will tend to embitter the contest in 2004, which will be a death-grapple between imperialism and constitutionalism.”

That simply isn’t so. 2004 will see another orchestrated presidential race from which constitutionalism will be absolutely excluded as it has been for both our lifetimes. Political campaigns aren’t about anything remotely resembling constitutionalism. The constitution is a dead letter to the political class, and theyre the only ones allowed access to the electoral process.

You also seem to be convinced that Bush is well meaning and that he made mistakes. That’s absurd. By their fruits shall ye know them. Bush’s fruits are unmitigated evil, unjustified war, lies and layers of secrecy amounting to an absolute contempt for the truth, blatant betrayal of his oath of office, and the thinnest, most patently false pretense to Christianity we’ve seen in any president since Lincoln.

Bush is obviously doing what he set out to do from the first. I dont cut him any slack.  Hes been a disaster from the first. None of it is well meaning blunder or a mistake. His family has a long history of treason and hes advancing his family agenda just as his daddy did.

Watch his campaign, if he even bothers to mount one. He doesn’t want a second term.  Neither did his daddy. He intends to hand off the presidency to a democrat after one disastrous term. It wouldn’t surprise me if he hands it off to a Clinton just to keep with family tradition.

October 31, 2003

David Alan Black is the editor of He is currently finishing his latest book, Why I Stopped Listening to Rush: Confessions of a Recovering Neocon.

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