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Why Give to the GOP?

David Strittmatter

(David Strittmatter sent the following letter to GOP organizations asking him for money. I publish it here with his permission. – Ed.)

To Whom It May Concern:

I received your letter today asking for a contribution. In past years I have sent donations to various Republican organizations and candidates to try to ensure Republican majorities in Congress. I’m 49 now and can’t think of one time that I pulled the lever of a Democratic candidate, nor can I imagine doing it in the future. Since you went to the trouble of sending a postage paid envelope I felt it would be better to let you know why I won’t contribute rather than just throw it away.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s some truth in the saying: “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” Here’s how I came to that opinion.

Republicans gave President Clinton the support needed to pass NAFTA and now it’s nearly impossible to buy anything made in America. Worse yet, nearly everything is made in China, a country whom I believe to be an enemy of the United States and has human rights violations on par with countries that we placed trade sanctions against for similar acts.

Republicans collaborated with the Democrats to scuttle the Clinton impeachment and sensitive missile technology from Loral flowed to China while campaign cash flowed from China via Johnny Chung. These actions are both treasonous and illegal.

Republican President Bush deployed the U.S. military without obtaining a declaration of war from Congress and most Republicans in Congress didn’t raise an eyebrow. Not that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq weren’t justified, only that a declaration of war from Congress gives constitutional authority to deploy troops.

Republican President Bush doesn’t think the time is right to end abortions. So when is the right time to do the right thing? Do we need 40 million more slaughtered?

Republican President Bush stayed silent while Judge Roy Moore was kangaroo courted out of a job and then paid hatchet man Judge Pryor his Judas money with a recess appointment to the Federal Bench.

Republican Congressmen and the President enact Campaign Finance Reform, an admitted bad law but signed anyway, that will not only stifle political speech but make such speech a felony if the talk is too close to an election. 

Republican President Bush, even after the 9/11 attacks, favors amnesty for illegal aliens and has done nothing to enhance security of our southern border.

Republican President Bush favors extending the Clinton semi-automatic gun ban. Just what part of  “…shall not be infringed” is so hard to understand?

Republican Congress and President threw even more money at a failing education system.  Just where is the constitutional authority to spend a single dime on education? Let’s throw in Planned Parenthood and the National Endowment for the Arts as well.

Republican President Bush ramrodded the Patriot Act into law, yet only yells from the sidelines about a Federal Marriage Amendment. Incidentally, the GOP preferred moderate (Sununu of NH) who ousted conservative Bob Smith voted against the amendment. So did McCain.

The argument that we need a Republican in the White House to ensure a favorable Supreme Court is downright silly. Republicans appointed seven of the nine on the current Supreme Court. This is the group that also thinks making free speech a felony is ok. (They upheld the Campaign Finance Reform, a.k.a. Incumbent Protection Act.) The Texas ban on sodomy is not ok. (They ignored the Constitution and used foreign laws and legal opinions in the decision. They should have been impeached for that but our GOP majority mustn’t think the Constitution is a valid reference either.) The current slate also thinks that protecting children from internet pornography is a dangerous intrusion into free speech. Thank you GOP. We would have expected as much from Democrat appointees.

I could go on but this should suffice for now. Republicans have demonstrated that they are not for limited constitutional government. They are committed to being such a “Big Tent” that the only core principle is to back anyone that has a chance of winning. So even when Republicans win, we all still lose.  I’m backing the Constitution Party. Principle over Politics.

July 22, 2004

David Strittmatter lives in Vineland, New Jersey. He is a born-again Christian of 27 years and has been a member of Fairton Christian Center and Academy for 25 years. Married with 2 children, he is employed as a Sergeant with the NJ Dept of Corrections and is a Master Sergeant (Intelligence) with the Air Force Reserves. He is the Cumberland County Director of the Constitution Party. He may be reached for comment here.

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