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Radical Revolt Against the Status Quo!

B. Keith Brumley

Someone has rightly said that a definition for insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over again while continually expecting a different outcome. The American voters, according to this definition, are certifiably insane!

I’ve just read with disgust (even more disgust than usual, if that’s possible), that the Republican-led House and Senate have passed this atrocious and outrageously expensive prescription drug bill. It is projected to cost me, my kids, and future grand-kids $400 billion. That’s the government estimate. If history is any precedent, it will likely cost five to ten times that amount. A recent study by the Cato Institute projects that this new “entitlement” will eventually consume 40% of GDP in the US.

Read that last line again ... slowly. It is staggering, is it not? And this from supposed small government advocating, constitution-loving Republicans! And our Republican President who ran on being a fiscal conservative three years ago (not to mention being a “free-trader” and advocating a “humble” foreign policy) is eager to sign this monstrosity. FDR and LBJ must be jealous that they couldn’t expand the scope, size, and cost of government as this President has in the last three years.

Here’s the question, folks – are we insane? When you and I walk into the voting booth next year, will we be insane enough to vote for the “lesser of two evils” and vote for the smooth talking guy or gal who has the “R” beside his or her name? Will we actually believe their lies one more time when they tell us they’re going to Washington to “make a difference” and “hold the line on spending?” Will we give them campaign contributions, make calls on their behalf, slap bumper stickers on our cars, and flip that lever for them one more time?  I ask again, are we certifiably insane?

For far too long the American voters have been hoodwinked into believing the only choice we have is between “tweedle dee and tweedle dum” – between the two major parties, the Republicans and Democrats. These two parties have morphed into a single and self-serving monstrosity that serves the special interest groups, corporations, and “elite” which feed their hunger for power and privilege by staying in elected office. That is their sole goal – to stay in elected office. It doesn’t matter what constitutional injunction they must ignore or how much debt they saddle us and our kids and grandkids with – if it helps stay in office, they’re for it. Enough is enough, friends!         

I’m starting a one-man campaign today to start a radical revolt against the status quo and I’m asking you to join me. I refuse to be insane anymore! I am calling on every person of legal voting age to join me in protest against the corruption of the incumbent politicians. I’m calling on every person of legal voting age to revolt against the status quo by voting for a third party – ANY third party – in 2004. If a candidate has an “R” or a “D” by their name, do not vote for them!

If you are left-of-center in your political persuasion, vote for the Green Party! If you are for smaller government and more personal responsibility, vote for the Libertarian Party! If you are a socially conservative constitutionalist, vote for the Constitution Party!  If you don’t like any of those third parties, find another, but for heaven’s sake ... do not vote for anyone who has an “R” or “D” by their name ... unless of course, you are insane.

Please pass this article along to as many people as possible. You won’t get a million dollars from Bill Gates or have a special prayer answered because you did so. But if we pass it around to enough people, and get enough voters to give up their insanity just this once, perhaps we can put some fear into the hearts of tweedle dee and tweedle dum!

Revolt against the status quo!

November 26, 2003

B. Keith Brumley is a minister in Hillsdale, Michigan. He is married to Margaret and has three great kids. He is a graduate of Harding University and is currently writing his thesis for the M.A. in Christian Doctrine. He enjoys reading, jazz and blues music, playing guitar, and is a political junkie. Mr. Brumley may be contacted here.

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