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Of RINOs, DINOs, and CINOs

Buddy Hanson

Many voters do not vote along straight party lines. Instead they vote along ideological lines, which usually includes candidates from both major parties. Such voters usually think that either liberals or conservatives hold the answer to our culture’s problems.

However, from a Christian point of view, society’s problems have been brought about because of both liberal and conservatives. The reason for this is that only God’s Word is true, which means that any candidate who does not conform his decisions to Biblical principles is making a faulty (untrue) decision. When viewed from this perspective there emerges three types of candidates:

RINOs – Republicans In Name Only (otherwise known as liberal Republicans)
DINOs – Democrats In Name Only (otherwise known as conservative Democrats)
CINOs – Christians In Name Only (from either party)

The difference between CINOs and RINOs & DINOs is one of intention. RINOs and DINOs know full well what they’re doing. They have determined that they are in a district where if they are going to get elected they have to belong to a particular party. Even though that party doesn’t reflect their agenda, they run under its name, get elected, then vote with the other party’s agenda. Everything is carried out by design and intention.

CINOs, on the other hand, don’t set out to intentionally disobey God. They make it a priority to obey Him inside their homes and churches, and in some cases even teach Sunday School. Unfortunately, they fail to give a second thought about applying His principles to their everyday legislative decisions. Because of their overall moral character they honor God when it comes to issues relating to the Second Table of the Law (don’t kill, steal, cheat, covet, etc.). The inconsistency in the legislative decisions comes when First Table issues are involved (worship no other god, don’t dishonor Him by belittling His name, keep the Lord’s Day holy).

While these Legislators are Christians, they legislate as though they are Christians In Name Only, with the consequence that their votes often conform to unbiblical principles (possibly without them realizing it). If their congregation and their church officers were obedient to Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18, they would be counseled about such inconsistent behavior so they could correct it, but sadly most Pastors are more concerned about church growth than about consistently serving God by applying His principles to all areas of one’s life, yes, even those areas outside the church and home. If America’s original Pastors had the attitude of today’s Pastors, America would still be an English colony. King George would not have had to refer to “that Presbyterian Revolt,” because such self-centered wimpy Pastors would have sheepishly taught that there was a “separation of God and the State.”

There is no reason for America Christians to continue to live as though we serve a defeated God, or to act as though we should behave as second-class citizens. Our Lord, Savior and King has been “given the nations for His inheritance, and the ends of the earth for His possession.” (Psalm 2) He has further appointed us to bring about His will “on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6.10) May we be about the business of serving our sovereign God by campaigning and then voting for Christians, then not being hesitant to counsel them to legislate like “Cs” (Christians), not CINOs.

May 6, 2004
Buddy Hanson, President of Grace & Law Christian Policy Network (, is a frequent speaker for Churches and civic groups and has written several popular Christian books, including God’s Ten Words: Practical Applications From The Ten Commandments, Choose This Day: God’s Instructions On How To Select Leaders, Thy Will Be Done On Earth: Heavenly Wisdom For Down-To-Earth Living from the Prophet Isaiah, What’s Scripture Got To Do With It: Connecting Spiritual Dots For A More Meaningful Life, and is co-writing a seven-volume series on the Westminster Confession of Faith’s Larger Catechism: Fundamentals For Spiritual Leadership. He may be reached for comment here.

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