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Why I Stopped Listening to Rush: Confessions of a Recovering Neocon





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Scriptural wisdom on cultural trends and current events from a pro-faith, pro-family, pro-freedom, pro-life, and pro-constitutional point of view. Click here for more on our purpose.



A Path Through the Tall Grass







School As Leisure?



Time to Blossom!



Your Insurmountable Mountain



A Christmas Reminder



Reflections on Teaching







A New Day in Missions



Should I Study Greek?






Loneliness and COVID-19



The Gifts and Eph. 4:11-12



The Message of Covid-19



The Church As Family



The Christian and Generosity



Defining "Church"



1917 and the Bible



Greek for Everyone



Don't Bury Your Gifts!



Writing Goals for 2020



Bruce Metzger and Me



How I  Fell in Love with Greek



Verbal Aspect in Greek



The Joy of Running



My Greek Tools



Piggin' Out for a Cancer Cure



Your Favorite Book?



Testing Your Limits



Alps Report #3




Alps Report #2




Alps Report #1




Finding True Rest




Taking Care of Your Temple




Mark Is More Than Theory




Mark's Theology of the Cross




The Post-Sunday-Centric Church




Top 20 Books on the New Testament




Reformation vs. Restoration




A Fowl Lesson




Enjoying Nature




Matchless Beauty








Running to Home Base




Challenge for India School








A Child Is Saved




Building for the Future




Partnering with India




The Peniel Gospel Team




A Look at Hinduism




Introducing India




A New Work in India




Where To Go from Here?




His Love, My Joy




Our New Greek Portal




The Haystack Generation




Why I Go




One Person at a Time




Victory and Defeat




Life and Death in Burji




An Easter Meditation




Olka, Ode to Faithfulness




My Academic Journey




Life + Christ = Fine




Planting Churches Cooperatively




Desta and Beki




Going for the Deeper Joy




Open Letter to My Ethiopian Family




Dealing with Cancer




Creditor or Debtor?




Misconceptions about Missions




The Indigenous Church




Missions As Worship




Global Missions




Living in the Wilderness




Master or Servant?




The Greatest Generation




Can a Christian Curse?




A New Testament Church




Ordinary Missionaries




The Rule of Paul








Paul on Justification




Why Study the Gospels?




On Being a Missionary




A True Supper








Felix Mantz




Best Greek Books




An Obstreperous Flower




I'm Healed!




The Persecuted Church




Grades and the Gospel




The Road Less Traveled




Coloring Outside the Lines




The Future of Missions




How to Pray for Us




Seven Who Changed the World




Dealing with Disappointment




The Gospel Is Not a Sales Pitch




Rhino Evangelism?




Paul's Work Ethic




Are You a Kingdom Christian?




The Great Commission




You Make Me Feel Brand New




Sister Wife




Mocking the Great Commission




What the Jesus Freaks Got Right




Cancer and Romans




A First Small Step




Down to Earth Disciples








Teach, Then Baptize?




A Biblical Ecclesiology?




Borderless Christians




How Are Your Verbs?




Be a Peter!




The Great Commission




Blessed Is the Internet




My Horses, My Teachers




The Purpose of a Seminary




The Work of Evangelism




A Great Commission Marriage




Why I Love WMU Sunday




The Emerging Church





The Heart of a Secretariat




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