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Becky’s Banner Atop the Breithorn

(Alps Report #2)

 David Alan Black 

Sorry but I'm in a video mood today! Here's a GoPro clip of one of the most exciting and meaningful moments of my trip. Like anyone who suffers loss, for a long time I wanted to reverse my circumstances and bring Becky back again. But we cannot have it that way. Besides, who would really want her to be experiencing anything other than what she is experiencing in heaven. So we do the second best thing and try to gain a new perspective on loss.

Unless Jesus returns soon, generations of women will face endometrial cancer. And so I find reason and courage to keep going and to continue the good fight. Loss is sweet as well as bitter. While we will always experience sorrow in our soul, we wake up every morning anticipating what the new day will bring. But the day when you're able to summit a 4,000-meter peak and then have the privilege of displaying a banner honoring the memory of your wife -- well, let's just say that's a mountaintop experience that's sure hard to beat. In many ways, this day was the summit experience of my stay in the Alps. I'm glad you can enjoy it with me.

Praise the Lord for His goodness!


July 22, 2016

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