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One Person at a Time

 David Alan Black 

Think about this: If missions is going to get done, it's going to take place one person at a time.

The call of the kingdom is not about how we confront social evils. It is about we get involved in sacrificing ourselves for the sake of others, including our enemies. What we need to see is that this is not going to happen until I do my part. As long as we buy into the lie that we can outsource missions to professionals and still further the Great Commission, we think our part isn't all that essential. But it's a lie. It's a grand, satanic delusion.

The present generation of Americans, in particular, needs to hear this message loud and clear. Jesus said the fields are white unto harvest, yet still we build our lavish sanctuaries replete with baby grand pianos and fountains in the foyers. If you've ever traveled to the Majority World, I don't really need to develop this point. But until you see the poverty in places like Ethiopia and India you may be unaware of the vast material luxuries and privileges we Americans enjoy. The true benchmark of our love for God is our burden -- and action -- for the whole world, not just the town where we live.

Do you weep over lost souls? Is all this talk about missions and evangelism out of touch with your daily concerns? Jesus never apologized for demanding obedience in this area. The Great Commission is not an option. We are all to be Christ's ambassadors, sent out to represent Him to the lost. Moreover, we need to work together and support each other if we are to meet the demands of global evangelism. How long has it been since you've gotten down on your knees and cried out, "Lord, use me to reach the world! Jesus, I want to give my best for your cause!"

There is no longer any excuse for us to pursue the American Dream or live to mediocre lives without a sense of purpose. God is calling His people as never before to embrace a life of servanthood, one by one. Voluntarily each one of us must turn our backs on our apathy and excuses. We must say, "I will do your will. Here am I. Send me."

June 26, 2012

David Alan Black is the editor of

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