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Greek for Everyone

 David Alan Black 

Tomorrow night our Greek class ("Greek for Everyone") starts at Clearview Church in Henderson, NC. We have 74 signed up. I am dedicating the class to all those who work in the trenches, many of whom have always wanted to learn how to read the Greek New Testament. In particular, it is dedicated to the memory of my wife Becky. When she took Greek with me in our local church years ago, she was one of my best students, making over 100 on every quiz and exam. With a heart as big as Texas and a mind as sharp as a tack, she set an example for the rest of the class that lasted long after she stopped attending because of her cancer.

All over the world, God is training up ordinary people like you and me to do the work of ministry. 500 years ago, the Reformers returned the Bible to the people. Today, God is returning ministry to the people. It's no longer up to the trained professionals alone to do what obedient disciples of Christ have always done. Just imagine what would happen if ordinary men and women in our local churches by the thousands were equipped first to be and then to make disciples. God will use any of us who is willing to advance His kingdom.

My aim in teaching Greek in the local church is that of William Tyndale -- "to cause the plowboy to know the Scriptures." My goal is to make the greatest book in the world readable and understandable by the plain, ordinary people in our churches. An army of anonymous people is rising up. We used to distinguish between the ordained and the ordinary. Today God is ordaining the ordinary and taking them into unexplored territory, challenging them to study the Scriptures for themselves (as the Bereans did) and have their lives transformed by Him. Best of all, He promises that His presence will be there with them.

My heartfelt thanks to the staff at Clearview Church. Without their collaboration this class would not be possible. This nation will be transformed only as an army of ordinary people are willing to leave the comfort zone of their pews and first study and then live out the Great Commission. This army is already mobilizing. May God be pleased to use this class to advance His kingdom throughout North Carolina and the world.

February 8, 2020

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