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Marks of a New Testament Church

This is the story of our journey with clear cell uterine cancer -- the most aggressive form of this disease. We have been honest and transparent with our journey in the hopes that others might be encouraged and challenged by our story. God has proven Himself to be completely faithful to us during this time of testing. For that we give thanks.

07/04/13 Running to Home Base 

05/18/13 Living with Resilience 

12/16/12 Moving from Orthodox Medical Treatment 

12/05/12 His Love, My Joy 

03/22/12 At a Fork in the Road 

03/15/12 On Dealing with Reality 

02/24/12 Life + Christ = Fine 

02/14/12 Going for the Deeper Joy 

02/10/12 Open Letter to My Ethiopian Family 

02/09/12 Five Things to Do When You Hear the "C" Word 

12/30/10 Miracles 

10/28/10 I'm Healed!  

08/26/10 Dealing with Disappointment 

08/22/10 What Now? 

01/15/10 Spiritual Fatigue

01/08/10 Fatigue and Me

12/21/09 Peace and Priorities

10/23/09 Living in Denial: Cancer and Romans

09/24/09 Pain

09/16/09 In Pursuit of Health

08/29/09 Coping with Trauma

08/24/09 Update from Becky

08/20/09 The God of What-Ifs

08/18/09 God Didn't Make Me to Suffer! (Part 3)

08/15/09 God Didn't Make Me to Suffer! (Part 2)

08/13/09 God Didn't Make Me to Suffer!

08/10/09 Where Can I Go to Get Away from You?

08/09/09 To Go On Living Is Christ