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Don't Bury Your Gifts!

 David Alan Black 

It's official. Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia and Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya will both run in this year's London Marathon on April 26.  It's already being called the match race of the century. Their records are so close it would take a DNA test to differentiate them. Bekele has a marathon PR of 2:01:41. Kipchoge's is 2:01:39. Here's hoping for good health for both runners.

But here's the deal. Both superstars are nearing the end of their careers. They are both in the later stages of their physical prowess. The lessons for me? Dave, don't let getting older stop you from pursuing your spiritual, personal, academic, and professional goals. My message to you? Run your race. Continue to chase the dream that's in your heart. God made you good at something for a reason. You've been given gifts by the best Giver of all, so use them.

Make us proud of you, even as you age. Don't wait for the timing to be just right. That will never happen. Do the best with what you've got and be willing to start off on shaky legs if necessary. I don't like it when people minimize their gifts and opportunities. "I could never learn Greek. I could never go to Oxford. I could never ...." Look at yourself. What are you good at? What gets your pulse going? Think of being a part of the piano keyboard of life. Play your note. 

Bekele and Kipchoge. Two men gifted with running DNA. Two men giving it their all. Two men telling us, "Don't bury your gifts!"

January 18, 2020

David Alan Black is the editor of

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