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Who Will Stand for the Truth?     

 David Alan Black

Long ago in a conversation, Lord Bryce said: “You Americans, under an exaggerated reverence for democracy, take public opinion for a kind of fait accompli. If public opinion is against you, you think that that settles the matter. It is for you to win over public opinion to your side. It is for you to make public opinion. High public opinion always begins with minorities, with individuals.”

It’s high time we stood up for what we believe in. The man who understands his Bible knows perfectly well that God is not out trying to convert society into a utopian New World Order but is taking out a people for His name. The man who knows this will not be taken for a ride by the world-planners and dreamers who err not knowing the Scriptures. Popular religion does not deceive him. He registers no excitement over the ephemeral enthusiasms that stir the jittery world into a frenzy.

This is not a matter for debate. The musician who spends all his time tuning his instrument never plays. The farmer who spends all his time breaking up the ground never grows a crop. When our society begins to take on a bent and a bias and an inclination after its own will instead of God’s will, it is high time to take a stand.

This is the age of the crowd. Nowadays our conduct is determined by our contemporaries. The church is too often molded by the society instead of molding the society. Meanwhile we raise vast edifices of wood, hay, and stubble that will go up in smoke at the fiery testing of the Last Day.

It takes no talent scout to locate God’s man. He is willing to stand alone and differ with his neighbors to have a clear conscience toward them. Most of his contemporaries will not understand him and some will shake their heads as though he were some strange oddity. But while they dabble in many things, he says with the apostle Paul, “This one thing I do…” (Philippians 3:13). His whole soul is going in one direction. He is solitary but never aloof. He is willing to take a stand—and to stand alone if necessary.

May 31, 2003

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