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Which Part of the Ethiopia Team Are You?

 Becky Lynn Black  


A  Go-er                     --willing to go way beyond your comfort zone

                                   --willing to sacrifice your money       

                                   --willing to leave family

                                   --willing to work hard

                                   --willing to struggle with the Evil One


A Pray-er                   --willing to do the hard work of praying

                                  --willing to sacrifice your time with other things

                                  --willing to struggle with the Evil One


A Give-er                  --willing to use your abilities to meet needs

                                 --willing to part with some money

                                 --willing to impart your expertise to others


An Encourage-er       --willing to come alongside the Go-er, the Pray-er and the Give-er to encourage  them in the work

A Go-er understands that the earth is the Lord's and there is no place & no work that He cannot do; he/she responds to that Truth with courage & obedience. 

A Pray-er understands that the key to any work is not money or skill; the key to success in any Kingdom work is Prayer.  A Pray-er responds to this Truth with a deep sense of urgency & commitment to do battle with the Enemy thru prayer.

A Give-er understands that we have nothing that has not first been given to us by the Lord of all things.  He also knows that the Lord has set an economic law for His Kingdom: It is more blessed to give than to receive.  When the Spirit prompts, the Give-er responds with joy & open hand.

An Encourage-er knows that the heart of a man is more important than his external body, because from this heart come the issues of Life.  He responds to this truth by doing everything he/she can do to encourage others with the Lord Jesus.

So, which part of the Ethiopia Team are you ???

May 18, 2010

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