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Needs for the Galana Clinic

 Becky Lynn Black  

Becky put together this list of medical equipment needed for the Galana Clinic in rural Ethiopia. If possible, we need this equipment by Oct. 5, 2008 for shipment to Ethiopia on Oct. 7, 2008. If you have any questions, please contact Becky at 434-374-0492, or write us at Thank you. Dave

  • Blood pressure apparatus, adult & child, manual or digital
  • Thermometers, digital; prefer centigrade
  • Fetal doplar, with gel & rechargeable batteries
  • Assorted procedure equipments…hemostats, scissors, retractors, forceps, suture sets, needle holders, etc.
  • Microscope, lighted
  • Sterile drapes & gowns, PPE equipment
  • IV Control Pump that uses plain tubing (no cassette)
  • Splints, various sizes, assorted (finger, limb, neck, abduction)
  • Adult & infant scales (for weights), manual preferred, kilogram if possible
  • Otoscope & Laryngescope, with rechargeable batteries
  • Eye/vision chart; Reflex hammer
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Urine test strips, pregnancy test strips
  • Reference books (English OK, with lots of pictures)
  • Vaginal speculum; D&C set of metal instruments
  • Ambu bags, adult & child, with one-way value protection
  • Simple bed with manual crank..only need the frame, can take apart & reassemble there
  • Privacy screen, collapsible
  • Vacuum/suction machine, free-standing (like old Gomco), with re-usable containers
  • Manual Vacuum Aspirations set (for incomplete abortion cases)
  • EKG machine; Ultrasound machine; Simple X-ray machine; Defibrillator
  • Any lab equipment for basic lab (CBC, chemistries, cultures)

September 19, 2008

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