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Needs for Our Ethiopia Trip (Nov. 2008)

Becky Lynn Black  

Thank you for helping us to minister to these dear people for the sake of the Gospel. Please have to us before Oct 31st if at all possible. Thank you! Dave & BeckyLynn Black; 434-374-0492;; Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

For evangelists:

1.      Food for 4-day Bible Conference in Burji, for 60 rural leaders & evangelists: $1800

2.      Love gift salary supplements: $100/evangelist family (this will buy 1 sack of grain)

3.      Protein bars: 86-cent Zone bars at Wal-Mart are excellent

4.      Bible story cloths (tells Creation-to-Ascension in pictures on a cloth, 45 cloths): $485

5.      Food for 1-week Training session of our 10 under-cover evangelists in Gondar: $900

For clinic:

6.      Small gifts for the Chaplain’s Box, which he will use when he visits patients in their homes (bars of soap, ladies scarfs, Bible picture books, small notebooks, any size socks, children’s T-shirts, men’s dress shirts, ladies’ dresses/blouses/skirts, sweaters, Vaseline, alcohol hand gel, wash clothes, teething biscuits, hair things, needle/thread kits, etc…small, practical things)

7.      Medical supplies (naproxyn, ibuprofen, aspirin, tylenol, alcohol hand cleanser, Jergen’s Ultra-healing hand lotion, bandaids, antibiotic ointment, multivitamins, anbesol, Immodium AD, antihistamines/decongestants, eye moisturizers, ear wax removal drops,  children & infants’ Tylenol, 2-4” strips of cotton fabric for dressings with large safety pins, Citracal with Mg & Vit D, Midol, powdered electrolyte drinks/Gateraide/pedialyte, Zantac 150mg, heavy plastic/vinyl sheeting, flat bed sheets with pillow case, KY lubricant gel, hydrocortisone cream, benedryl gel, tape measurer, various splints, towels & wash clothes)

8.      For Chaplain teaching aid: poster boards, colored markers, picture Bible story books, small fold-up table for children, simple Bible story coloring pictures or dot-to-dot, flannelgraph set ($100)

For rural people & churches:

9.      Food sacks for widow & orphans: $1500…we will buy the food in the capital

10.  Seeds for farmers: $700…we are taking the seed with us

11.  Wash basins & soap: $1500…we will buy these at the large market in the capital

12.  Food for Christians (Muslim communities are withholding food aid to Christians): $3,000

13.  Eyeglasses (non-prescription, strengths 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 & 1.75 only at this time)

14.  Funds for loudspeaker & solar power at 3 churches: $1,000/church

September 26, 2008

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