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How to Make the New Testament Come Alive!

Every Christian’s Guide to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the New Testament

 David Alan Black  


Part 1: Getting Started

1. The Joy and Value of Studying the New Testament

2. Qualifications for Studying the New Testament

·         Conversion to Christ

·         A Spirit-Filled Life

·         A Renewed Mind

·         Diligence


Part 2: Reading the New Testament

3. Choosing a New Testament Translation

·         The Major English Translations

·         Which One Should I Use?

·         What, Me Study Greek?

4. General Rules for Interpreting the New Testament

·         The Three Basic Steps

·         The Value of Interpretation

·         The Goal of Our Study


Part 3: Interpreting the New Testament    

5. Getting the Big Picture

·         Historical Background – Essential!

·         Literary Context – Indispensable!

·         Don’t Forget the Genre!

6. How to Handle Textual Problems

·         How Many Significant Variants Are There in the New Testament?

·         How Do We Decide Which Reading Is Likely to be the Original One?

·         Example: Should Christians Ever Get Angry?

7. How to Do a Word Study (and How Not to Do It)

·         Basic Principles of Word Study

·         Fallacies to Be Avoided at All Costs

8. Observing the Grammar and Structure of the Text

·         Pay Close Attention to the Syntax

·         Pay Even Closer Attention to the Structure

9. Poetry and Other Rhetorical Devices

·         The Poetry of the New Testament

·         Other Common Rhetorical Devices and Their Significance


Part 4: Applying the New Testament

10. Truth That Transforms

·         The Importance of Application

·         Mistakes to Avoid When Applying the New Testament

·         How to Take a Timeless Truth and Communicate It in a Timeless Fashion

11. The Goal: Becoming Obedient Followers of Jesus

·         Why Knowledge Is Not Enough

·         The Goal of Our Instruction Is Love


Conclusion: The Life-Changing Power of the New Testament

Appendix: Tools for Further Study

May 26, 2021

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