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Ethiopia Wish List

 Becky Lynn Black  

Every time we go to Ethiopia, we see needs. The needs are absolutely overwhelming. I look at our country, where we have so much stuff, and I think “it would be so easy for us to supply this or that,” and in that supplying make the life of at least one Ethiopian brother or sister much better, at least for a period of time.

An evangelist in Alaba needs protein bars.

I have no words to describe the encouragement it is to these precious people, just to have someone notice them out of the crowd of poor, needy folk, and to have someone give them something to help them. In our country of plenty, few of us can relate to this – what it feels like to be abandoned, needy, in survival mode year after year after year, friends and family pulling you this way and that way to help them.

Burge is preparing for leadership in the Burji church; he needs several things (laptop, backpack, blanket).

When we first started the Lord’s appointment in Ethiopia, we had the intention of just doing this work ourselves. Someone told us we should not keep the work to ourselves.  Since then we have shared what God has appointed us to do, and sometimes He brings others to work alongside us in this area of His Kingdom. Church groups have rallied and gathered protein bars for struggling evangelists. Individuals have donated laptops for church leaders. Eyeglasses have been collected for people in rural villages. The list goes on and on.

Emebet with some rural children; she has no teaching aids. Can we get her a flannelgraph set?

So let me share with you the things that are on my list for Dave to take back with him when he leaves for Ethiopia on May 24. Life here at Bradford Hall is focusing on this list. Let me also say that this list is put together with great consideration for its spiritual effect. We have learned that to simply give things to people because they want/need them isn’t healthy. We must understand the person, know their life, and consider the spiritual effect of receiving an item. Materialism has done much to destroy our country and our churches. We do not want to be guilty of hurting the Lord’s people in Ethiopia. It is easy for Ethiopians to look at foreigners as a sort of Santa Claus. We try hard to exercise charity with wisdom. We feel confident that each of the items listed below will assist the people without presenting a stumbling block to them.

It is cold in the mountains of Gondar now. Our evangelists need warm things.

Would you like to join us in this preparation?  If so, please review the list and then send us an email at Tell us what you would like to buy and send to us or what you would like to “sponsor” by sending us money for the purchase. Also, it is not necessary that these items be new; used is just fine! So if you have a set of flannel sheets, a pair of good sturdy shoes, an extra camera disc, etc., you can send them to 2691 White House Rd, Nelson, VA 24580.

May God bless you for your kindness to us and the Ethiopian brethren.

For                                                                              Item                                        Est. Cost

1. Oshe, a church leader in Burji                                   60 protein bars                         $60.

2. Worku, another church leader in Burji                       60 protein bars                         $60.

3. Melesse,* an evangelist in Alaba                               60 protein bars                         $60.

*All of these men are very skinny, and they have lives that require much energy for the ministry.  We have given them protein bars in the past, and they are greatly helped by these.  They can be purchased at Wal-Mart (Zone Brand) for 86 cents each.  If we bring 60 bars for each person, this will allow them to eat 3 bars/week for the 20 weeks until our next trip in December.

4. Burge, a student from Burji                                        backpack                                 $30.

5.  “                                                                              laptop                                     $800.

6.  “                                                                              money for blanket*                   $30.

*We will buy this in Addis since it takes so much suitcase space.

7. For the 6 evangelists in Gondar*                               thermal underwear, med size       $??

8.                                                                                 Long-sleeve, heavy shirts            $??

9.                                                                                 Coats                                         $??

10.                                                                               Sturdy shoes                               $??

11.                                                                               Money for blankets                     $30 each

12.                                                                               Flannel sheets (any size)               $??

*These men are often imprisoned, beaten, etc.; their monthly salary covers food, rent, etc., but is not adequate for these other items. They live in the northern mountains of Ethiopia, where it can get quite cold. Ethiopians are especially sensitive to the cold.

13. Emebet,* children’s church leader                             flannelgraph set                         $80.


*This lady has a great gift in working with children.  I wish you could see her…everywhere she goes, she is gathering children to teach them of Jesus. But she has no teaching aids. This set of the Life of Jesus will greatly help her. I will make a carrying satchel to hold the pieces and background board.

14. Tilahun,* a church leader in Gondar                          memory chip for camera             $20

*We have supplemented his savings to get him a camera, but we still need the memory chip.

 April 25, 2008

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