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Chuck Baldwin: The Right Man for the Job

 David Alan Black

Esteemed Brother in Christ:

Now that Constitution Party presidential candidate Michael Peroutka has officially invited you to be his running mate, I send you my heartiest congratulations. I believe you are the right man for the job.

Having closely followed your writings for over two years, I believe we find in them a model from which every Christian can learn something profound about true Christianity and which indeed provides the basic outlines of how the Spirit of God moves in true revival on the corporate level of the church and even in our nation, as well as in our personal lives.

That you feel completely inadequate for the task you face is not a debit but an asset to your candidacy. I will pray daily for you and Mr. Peroutka as you stress historic Christian orthodoxy, the complete authority and inerrancy of the Bible, and the constitutional principles upon which our great nation was founded and from which it has strayed so far.

In the coming days you will no doubt be reminded of your own frailty, for oftentimes our veneer is cracking, and when we are honest with ourselves we recognize that we are broken people. The only answer for facing these realities is to have one’s life grounded in the reality of Him who has conquered sin and death.

We know that the victory in the only race that counts has already been won on the cross, and one day we will be made whole. Nevertheless, as C. S. Lewis reminded us, God delights to surprise us by joy, and in this life we can begin to know a small measure of beauty and fulfillment, giving us a foretaste of the victory and glory that Christ has prepared for us.

As I travel backward and forward across the country, I am increasingly convinced that we who are Bible-believing Christians in the United States are allowing compromise to stand in the way of God’s outpouring in our lives and in our nation. It seems to me that we have put so much emphasis on politics-as-usual that we forget that as God’s people we are called unto holiness, and that the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our work is conditioned upon our commitment to Him.

Thus for yourself I would suggest that you very carefully put yourself and your work under the blood of the Lord, learning to cry immediately for the power of the finished work of Christ. I will indeed pray for you to this end, and may God help you and strengthen you every bit in it.

I would ask you too to pray for us who are working with you for a return to the Bible and the Constitution, that the Lord would lead us in a clear way—and for me especially as I edit Dave Black Online, that the Lord may guide and use my time on earth, short as it is, greatly for His glory.

May the Lord bless you, then, and I will be looking to the Lord in love, faith, and trust, asking Him to use you in the midst of the seen and the unseen battle. It is wonderful that we do not have to have absolute knowledge about the future, because the Lord does, and we can leave it up to Him.

With warmest personal greetings,

Dave Black

April 28, 2004

David Alan Black is the editor of His latest book, Why I Stopped Listening to Rush: Confessions of a Recovering Neocon, will be released this year.

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