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Bush Compromises On Abortion While Peroutka Stands Firm

 David Alan Black

One of Satan’s greatest lies is that abortion is permissible as long as society condones it. Worse still, “conservative” Christians stand behind and support this compromise. “Let no man deceive you,” says the Word of God. We are to love the sinner but abhor the evil of abortion and have no part in it.

Constitution Party of Virginia chairman Howard Phillips has stated his position on abortion as follows (from a speech he gave on September 4, 1999 at the Presidential Nominating Convention of the Constitution Party in St. Louis, Missouri):

In plain English, the Constitution of the United States stipulates that “No person shall…be deprived of life ... without due process of law.” Every one of us is a living, human person, endowed by Almighty God with an immortal soul, from the moment of fertilization until the moment of death.  That is why we vigorously oppose euthanasia as well as abortion.
We will end government-approved abortion and stop subsidies to organizations which promote abortion.  We will do this - not simply because this course is required by our platform, but more significantly because it is required by the laws of God and the Constitution of the United States.

2004 Constitution Party presidential candidate Michael Peroutka is just as clear in his opposition to abortion:

Abortion is also a part of the attack on the family.  Our current President has failed to lead on this premier moral issue of our time – which is the systematic slaughter of innocent, defenseless, unborn children in the womb.

For example, he has approved legislation to send additional scores of millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood and other groups which promote additional infanticide.

He has failed to stop the Food and Drug Administration from authorizing the distribution of RU 486, the abortion pill which has already been used to snuff out the lives of thousands of unborn children, even as it has placed at risk the lives and health of mothers who have decided to kill their own children.

I was present just weeks ago at the 31st annual March for Life in Washington DC when the President, by telephone, told the marchers that theirs was a noble cause.  He said we must remind our fellow citizens that all human life is sacred and worthy of protection.

But in his State of the Union Speech – just two days before – a speech watched by millions of our fellow citizens – Mr. Bush reminded us of no such thing.  The word “abortion” did not pass his lips.  He said nothing about the sacredness of human life – though he did take time to demand that athletes stop taking steroids.

As President, I would do everything in my power to end the national disgrace of abortion.  Starting with a formal acknowledgment of the person-hood of every child from the moment of conception – and the appointment of U.S. Attorneys, by recess appointment if necessary, who will enforce the Fifth Amendment requirement that no person be deprived of life without due process of law.

As President, I would advocate a total ban on all abortions and a total ban on any federal funding of abortions, here or abroad.

Phillips and Peroutka are right. Instead of becoming tolerant and indulgent toward abortion, we need a holy hatred and abhorrence of it—and government policies that represent our convictions.

Tragically, our “pro-life” president has been publicly advocating and raising money for the re-election of pro-abortion, pro-sodomy Republicans. The most recent example is his stumping for Republican Senator Arlen Specter, who narrowly defeated his staunchly pro-life opponent, Pat Toomey, in the Pennsylvania Republican primaries this week. I find it disturbing that the same president who delights in denouncing activist courts has rallied behind a man who wholeheartedly supports the most activist court decision in our nation’s history, namely the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion and has destroyed the lives of 43 million innocent unborn children in America.

My friends, this election I believe we are confronted with a real choice. We can choose a politician who will compromise his convictions in order to gain political advantage, or we can choose a man who will use every legal means in his power to end once and for all the national scourge of abortion. We need not join the compromising multitude, wringing our hands and wondering what we should do. God has told us what He expects of us, and we are not left without chart or compass.

Now is the time to obey our consciences and elect the only candidate who is 100% pro-life, Michael Anthony Peroutka.

April 30, 2004

David Alan Black is the editor of His latest book, Why I Stopped Listening to Rush: Confessions of a Recovering Neocon, will be released this year.

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