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A Message from Aberash and Tilahun

 Becky Lynn Black  

The following was hand-written on a plain sheet of paper and given to me on Thursday, March 13. This was the day I brought Aberash back to her one-room home in southern Ethiopia. God had delivered Baby Nathan by Caesarian section on Wednesday, February 27, 2008. He was a healthy baby boy, 3 pound, 14-ounces. To our Lord Jesus goes all the glory! (Words in parenthesis were added for ease in reading. For my response, see my forthcoming article entitled Putting Sacrifice in Perspective.)

We have been married since 1991 (Ethiopian Calendar)*, but we don’t have (a) child because of several problems. However, God is good and He knows everything. But now God has wiped away the tears from our eyes and God sent Miss Beki from America to help Aberash. She helped us by money, (and) prepared a house for Aberash to stay there in Addis Abeba for more than 2 months. When Aberash (had an) operation Beki was staying with her at night and during the day without rest and sleep. We (were) amazed when we saw God’s love in her life, which she shared and showed for us. Furthermore, she sent prayer request messages for those who live in America, church members, and also for Ethiopian church members. This also showed us her trust on Lord.

Further, (because) she came here…this is unforgettable for us, what she has done in Aberash! It states in Heb 6:10 “God’s not unjust. He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. You have to be like those who inherited their promise by patience and faith but don’t be like ignorant (ones). Make every effort to add to your faith goodness and perseverance.”

(Finally), you who are in foreign (lands) and Ethiopia, all our supporters, we should (like to) say …  “Be blessed. And bless Beki Black and pray for her future life and ministry.  We will pray for you and (you) pray for us. Maybe we will meet on earth; otherwise in heaven. God’s grace and peace be with you.”

God bless Beki’s family and ministry.**

*The Ethiopian calendar is 7 ˝ years “behind” the Western calendar, so this would have been about 1998 in our calendar.

**During our weeks of waiting for the baby’s birth, Aberash was before the Throne asking God’s blessing upon me and our family. The same day we entered the hospital, God gave us Jessica, a perfect wife for Nathan!

 May 1, 2008

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