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2008 Projects to Help the Church in Ethiopia

 Becky Lynn Black  

Following is a summary of the things on which we are focused this year. Each of these items is designed to help the local Ethiopian churches in Gospel outreach and in internal spiritual growth. These projects have been appointed by the Holy Spirit to us and have been developed in partnership with the local Ethiopian church leaders. As always, all gifts to this work are forwarded 100 percent to Ethiopia; our personal expenses, the expenses of our Ethiopian children, and all administrative expenses are borne by us personally. Will you commit these needs to prayer? 

If God has appointed you to help in this way, please send all checks to 2691 White House Rd., Nelson, VA 24580, payable to BeckyLynn Black.


1. Rural medical clinic (refurbish building and stock equipment and supplies): $18,000

2. Rural medical clinic (salaries for nurses, guards, janitor, lab tech, accountant and chaplain): $8,000

3. Bibles for 800 people: $3,200

4. Resource Building (library, bookstore, and teacher resource/school tutoring room): $10,000

BURJI TOTAL: $39,200.


1. Evangelistsí Assistance Fund (medical/nutritional aid, salary supplement for 14 evangelists): $10,000. (Goal)

2. Well-drilling near 9 rural churches: $ 4,500.

3. Bibles for 300 people: $1,200

ALABA TOTAL: $15,700.


1. Living expenses for 6 evangelists: $3,600.

2. Prison Outreach (soap, tissue, Bibles for 1000 prisoners): $5,000.

3. Teaching for 6 evangelists: $500.

4. Training for 30 under-cover Orthodox believers: $4,000.

GONDAR TOTAL: $13,100.

Dave and BeckyLynn Black, 434-374-0492,   

December 1, 2007

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